Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 2: Life in the MTC

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Well this week has been crazy to say the least, some really bad days but also some experiences that can only be explained by the thin-ness of the veil here.

First off, no the food is not even comparable to Cafe Rio. This place is a refurbished high school and frankly feels like missionary high school aha. So the food is just Mexican cafeteria food. Fortunately, Tuesday is Costco pizza night and there is cereal for the mornings. It's fantastic. The food is good enough though and some meals are better than others. Boy does all that Mexican take its toll though, and I'll leave it at that.

Next up, I'd like to share some of the spiritual highlights of the week. First off I have been praying constantly for the gift of charity as well as patience and though im not good enough to have them constantly, the glimpses I see of other people the way Christ does are just unbelievable. We humans as mortal beings can be such amazing people. I even saw a bit of what God has seen in me and that I was blessed to be born in the church so that I could bring the Gospel to others. I share this not to brag of myself, but because it helped me to understand that I'm not out here to help me. Rather I'm out here to lose myself in the service of others. Whether it be companions, investigators, or whoever, thats what I should be focusing on. Second up and probably one of the most dear experiences to me was Sunday night as we watched a video about John Tanner in a devtotional and about all that he gave to the Church in its early days. Its a great story and I recommend looking it up. Anyways well as we sat there, the Spirit began to overwhelm me and I felt this almost tingling sensation on my shoulders. Well I no sooner felt it than I knew that it was Grandpa Butterfield putting his spiritual hands on my shoulders and letting me know that he was proud of me and that I was doing the right thing. I know he was there to strengthen me and let me know that I had made the right decision. It never fails to amaze me how thin the veil is here despite being in the middle of the craziness that is Mexico City. I testify that God lives and that He and His Son Jesus Christ love us so very much. Grandpa Butterfield loves us and I know also that there are angels watching over the missionaries and over all the members of the Church. All these Spiritual experiences sure get me emotional a lot, but I never cry tears of sadness here in the MTC. Only tears of joy. My testimony has grown so much and I hope to continue to grow it so that I can share with others what I know.

I guess its time to share more of the mundane less cool things that go on down here. interesting fact, the first investigator that we taught as a companionship, Jorge, is now our teacher in the afternoon. Pretty humbling after we struggled for words in front of him haha. My morning teacher is hermano Vargas and my afternoon teacher is Hermano Hernandez. theyre both awesome and I love them very much. Its still occasionally hard to understand their spanish and theyre even speaking slow, but Im definitely improving so thats good. essentially my schedule as seen in the pictures I sent to Mom is wake up, study, breakfast, class\study, and then teach our teacher who plays an investigator at some point as well as lunch in the middle. After class is over at 6:15 its dinner and then an hour of studying as well as TALL, a computer program developed by BYU to help study Language. Its so slow, but this is no wonder considering the source! I don't struggle to study and grow to love the Gospel more everyday! Also I should mention to everyone the trio is permanent here because classes are by district so a new companion wouldn't work, were too far ahead in language class. Oh well, we will figure it out.

Its been a great week and I'm starting to see the bigger picture of why I'm serving a mission. I've grown up lots and still have infinite to go, but I am progressing.
Love all of you so much and am grateful for the emails. I can't read comments on the blog so I will need them emailed to me!!
With love (erytime)
Elder Butterfield

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