Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 6: Wrapping it Up in the CCM

¡Hola familia y mis amigos!

Whelp, I will finally be free of this place! Just kidding this place is awesome and I honestly loved it so much, despite the hardships. But I am ready to get out to the field and to serve real people now! Even if I wont have any idea what they're saying for awhile hahahaha. By the way I would like to apologize about last weeks update. It was a little immature and focused too much on the negative so I apologize for that. I will try to focus on the more positive things moving forward.

Anyways I am sorry to say that things never really got better in my trio companionship...there was another fight and I ended up talking to Presidente M (the branch 12 president here) about it because I was worried for my companions. He expressed sorrow that Elder H and Elder D never really learned to work together but smiled and told me that the solution to the problem would be coming soon. This was just yesterday. It made me laugh I have to say. We also had a good chuckle together about the possibility of them being companions in the field later on XD Anyways that's all I have to say about that. I am definitely ready to only have to live with one person 24/7 instead of 2 even though I loved both of my companions very much :)

Well it was very crazy week down here in the CCM. In field orientation was Friday and that got me very pumped to go to Florida even though I know it will be a little tough at first. I can't wait to get there! I can't wait to meet my trainer! I just hope and pray that he is a diligent missionary. If not, I'm sure we will make it work somehow though. Another really cool thing that happened this week was when we taught in TRC. TRC is when we practice teaching volunteers from Mexico City. At least when there are actually volunteers usually it is still just teachers but its an awesome experience either way. So we were teaching in TRC and I could literally feel the Holy Ghost giving me the words to say to these people we were teaching. Not only that but I could feel the power of the Holy Ghost in what I was saying. It was such a testimony builder to me that we really do have The Lord's help out here if we work hard and do our part. Again this experience made me so excited to get out to Florida and get to work!

One other experience similar to TRC I had was the opportunity to give a Melchizedek Priesthood blessing of comfort and counsel to Hermana B in my district this morning. Weirdly enough I wasn't even nervous for this and as I gave her a blessing I really could feel the Lord guiding me in what to say. It was a huge testimony builder to me of the power of the Priesthood. Now I just hope it can work that well for me in Spanish too...Guess I still have lots of studying to do!

Other than these things nothing too memorable down here, I've just been studying my butt off trying to learn as much as Spanish as I possibly can. One other fun fact, my plane tickets are the only ones that wouldn't print off here at the CCM. So I'm praying that I will be able to figure out how to get them at the airport tonight 0_o Hopefully all goes well.

Basically to wrap things up my testimony has exponentially grown here and I'm super pumped to get to Florida already! I wish all a wonderful week and a fantastic conference weekend! Its pretty fantastic my first weekend is conference not gonna lie.

Well I love you all and look forward to hearing from all of you next week!
Elder Butterfield (aka cynical butterfield by my district, bet that's hard to see ;)

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