Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 3: Missionary in the Middle

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Well I'm going to be real honest and admit that this was a pretty rough week for me for several different reasons. The biggest trial that I'm facing down here is still my companionship. Last Wednesday Elder D and Elder H got into such a big fight that I finally just took it to our District Leader and all three of us had to go meet with a member of our Branch Presidency. They just can't seem to get along, and I'm pretty tired of being in the middle of all of their arguments. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that meeting with Presidente George accomplished much. But it helped me a little I guess. He just told me that he'd heard that I'm an obedient missionary and to keep that up, and then that trios are usually difficult and from the sound of things that it will have to be my job to be the peacemaker between them. It's very difficult. I know I just need to keep smiling and try to help them the best I can but it sure doesn't make it any easier. I'm definitely learning how to be patient and charitable right now.

Then Sunday night Elder H got separated from Elder D and me and that turned into a big blowout between the two of them as well. Which is silly because had we been obeying it would never have happened in the first place. Oh well. So then Elder H broke down crying from stress and homesickness for his mom, so I had to comfort him and calm him down a bit so that our district leader could give us guidance. You'd think after that it would be over right? Wrong. The next morning Elder H asked to speak with Elder D alone so I just stood off a ways while they worked things out, taking up our whole hour of companionship study. Hopefully things are gonna get better now, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

So ya, this is definitely going to be one of those endurance companionships, but I'm trying my best to help them and learn what I can from it. Only three more weeks right?

Anyways companionship issues aside it's been an alright week. I'm beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by all of the Spanish tenses and conjugations but I just keep plugging away at it and trust that Heavenly Father will help me out one way or another. I'm definitely learning a lot even if there is still so far to go.

Probably the spiritual highlight for me this week was a practice teaching exercise that we did in class. As I was teaching with Elder D, I could feel the presence of the Spirit and He was guiding our lesson. It was especially cool when I had the investigator read a scripture and I was just about to ask a question when Elder D asked the exact same question that I was going to. It was great! I also think that Helaman's son Nephi has become my favorite scripture character; he was such an awesome missionary! Speaking of which, I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon, Woohoo! I've really gained a great love for the scriptures out here. They really are the word of God and there is amazing truth and happiness to be found in them. My favorite scripture would have to be either Alma 17:2 or Alma 57:21. I'm not sure, I'll let you know by next week for the plaque.

Well on to the more regular everyday stuff. Presidente Pratt says no cameras except on P day so if it seems like there are no pictures that's why. Also the Hunger Games picture I sent last week is because we are Zone 12, District 12D hahahaha. I don't know if I've gained any weight here, the only scale they have is in kg and I've been too lazy to try and figure it out!

Btw thanks for the card you guys sent me! I just barely got the first one last Thursday. It's a good two week trip. Hopefully the other one comes soon! I promise I will write letters once I'm back in the states, but it takes so long it's not worth it right now. It would be way behind!

One other crazy thing. Next Monday is Mexican Independence Day. So I'm pretty sure we will get absolutely no sleep. Which reminds me, it's sooo noisy here at night, pretty hard to sleep but somehow I'm still going. That's also why we are holding that Mexican banner!

Well that concludes this week's update for now. I just want to thank all for their prayers and for their emails, they're much appreciated. Hope things are going well for all back home! God be with you til we meet again. Love all of you so much!

This is Elder Butterfield with the weekly update, e'rytime.

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