Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 10: CRASH!!!

Hola familia y amigos!

So the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the past week was the car crash I was in on was pretty bad but it could've been a lot worse. God definitely protected us! So of course it happened on exchanges while I was leading out our area with Elder Bacon from our district. We were driving straight along a road and a lady didn't see us while she was turning left from a stop sign and rammed into the passenger side of the car. She was probably going 10 mph, we were going about 35 mph? Needless to say, it hurt a lot at impact and knocked the wind out of me for about 30 seconds. I was super scared. Oh did I mention that I was in the passenger seat and both of the side airbags went off? Not fun at all, I was pretty shaken up for awhile there. I'm pretty surprised they didn't tell you about it to be honest...what's up with that? Anyways don't freak out or anything I'm perfectly fine, we both went to the doctor the same day to get checked out and the x rays came up negative. Thank goodness for that. The car is totaled though, meaning $27,000 that the lady's insurance will have to pay, ouch. It was definitely her fault though. So that made for a pretty crazy day Friday and I'm now super paranoid in the car for the time being. Every time there is a car turning left the accident flashes before me and all that stuff. So hopefully that goes away soon lol. Seriously though, don't stress. I really am okay. I just can't believe that I was in that crazy of an accident 4 weeks in. It better be the last! Seriously though, I'm fine, don't stress alright?! Ok, good:)

Well onward to more spiritual things:) So with the car accident and ward party Elder Lamb and I definitely didn't get as much proselyting time as we would have liked to this week, which is unfortunate:( But we did our best and God has blessed us for our efforts to be our best and to be obedient let me tell you! Let's see...ok so first update on Orlando. We taught him the Word of Wisdom last Tuesday, and he needs to stop smoking. He was doing super good the first couple of days but then he ran into some other issues. If he doesn't smoke he has to eat a lot, but he's diabetic so he can't. It's quite the catch 22. So we're working with him on that as well as a few other commandments but he knows that we're teaching him the truth and he wants to change without a doubt. We just need to help him get there. He can absolutely quit this week and overcome his problems if he wants to this week, not a doubt in my mind.

Next up is Ayesha! She is still doing great and actually brought some family (her mom, sister and  a man who is a family friend) to the ward party on Friday night! They all loved it and came up to us asking for more information. Woohoo!!! Unfortunately, we still haven't been able to meet her fiance and work with him, but we will make that happen somehow this week! We're just super happy that her family is enjoying it with her (they came to church with her yesterday!) so she will have support even if her fiance chooses not to get involved. But he will one way or another :) So basically she is doing great and has a desire to live and do everything we teach her. It's incredible! Not to mention she is integrating super well into the ward and has already been to tuesday night stuff with the ward twice! She's amazing!

Next up would be a member referral we received awhile ago to give a harvest blessing/prayer. Her name is Margarita and we actually taught her once already at a member's home as a dinner appointment. Well she is loving the Book of Mormon and loved the ward party so we have a teaching appointment with her today. She is becoming super close friends with the neighboring member family that told us about her and it's basically a perfect missionary opportunity because the members are so involved in working with her! So she has the potential to be baptized very soon if she continues to progress as she is!

After that would be someone who is nothing short of a miracle whom we met yesterday at church! So this family in our ward decided to reactivate out of the blue and the member mother brought her boyfriend, her children, and her father. Well the boyfriend isn't a member, and after seeing a baptism yesterday, has a desire off the charts to be baptized. The best part is that they live separately, not together, which is very rare down here to say the least haha! So he set up an appointment on his own at the house of a good member friend of his for tonight. So that was pretty amazing to witness I have to say. So he should be getting baptized very soon:)

Well I think that about rounds up my experiences for this week, car crash and everything! I'm pretty sad I didn't have my camera to take pictures of the car after the wreck. It was in pretty bad shape, but it did it's job by protecting us that's for sure! Basically you could look up any youtube video of test crashes where they ram the car directly into the passenger side of the vehicle and that's what our car looked like. Crazy huh? Definitely wasn't expecting that out here in my mission!

Welll that's all for this week folks! The Gospel is amazing! Now go live it and share it and make the missionaries around you super happy:) Until next week, I love all of you!
Elder Butterfield

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