Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 7: First Stop: Hialeah

Hola familia y amigos!

Well it has been an absolutely crazy week! Don't worry though I got here safe and without a problem from Mexico and received a warm welcome from the APs and President and Sister Richardson! Funny thing, I got wiped down for drugs in the Mexico City Airport. I thought that was pretty funny! Once we got here they gave us all orientation and sent us out to place Books of Mormon. I wish I could've seen my face because I am positive it was priceless even though I knew it was coming. It was fun though, a lot of people here have some kind of religion and are willing to listen to anything about Jesus Christ. Which impresses me and makes me happy I have to say! Other than that, Tuesday was uneventful, just a long boring travel day... No me gusta.

So Wednesday we woke up, they picked us up from the hotel, and we went to the transfer meeting! Those are pretty rowdy haha. There I found out that my new companion is Elder Lamb. We are being sent to a whitewashed ward (meaning they didn't keep any of the old missionaries there; its not the ideal decision to make so something must've been up). So Elder Lamb and I and the other companionship are all new to the area we are serving in which makes things even more adventurous haha. So youre probably wondering what this area is by now right???????'s the area of Doral North! It is the smallest area in the mission and apparently is also the most Spanish area. It's located in the city of Hialeah since I know you will all look it up. The missionaries are pretty much the only white people here hahaha. Gringos. Funny thing though, it's kind of plush down here, (which is fine, I'm not complaining!) so the area I am in has both a phone and a car. Pretty crazy right?

Honestly, though, I'm loving it out here. It's definitely stressful right now because I can't keep up with the Spanish conversations (especially the's a whole different language when they speak. I'm also having a hard time with time management because there is so much that needs to be done and just seemingly not enough time to do it. I'm trying my best though. But the actual proselyting I am loving. I just need to gain more confidence in talking to people about the Gospel!

So a miracle that I witnessed this week was in between the sessions of General Conference Sunday. Elder Lamb and I had a less active member call us to come teach his girlfriend at 3:15. Meanwhile, after the Sunday morning session there was a dinner at the church for the members, so we took the chance to get to know the members. Well, we met Hermano E. and asked him to go with us to the appointment. He ended up having a very similar situation to the couple and was a great asset to our visit. We also found out the member we visited needs the Aaronic Priesthood, and though he had problems before with commandments, he is ready now and agreed to set up an interview with Bishop P. this week! Not to mention that his girlfriend agreed to baptism October 19! So it was a miracle to me because so many wonderful things happened in a very small amount of time. This confirmed to Elder Lamb and I that we need to strengthen the Doral Ward by involving the members at every step possible. It was very cool :D

Also another thing we do here is called Harvesting. Its like a more spiritual form of tracting on steroids. We pick an area, pray about it, and then go knocking doors and if the people allow us we go in and bless the family and home with the power of the Priesthood. It might sound crazy at first but you would be amazed how many people let us in and after the prayer they feel the Spirit so strong that they agree to prepare to be baptized. While follow up appointments are a little more difficult it's amazing to see people when they feel the Spirit so strong for the first time. I'm very grateful to be in this mission!

Next, I'll describe Elder Lamb. He is amazing and we are so similar its ridiculous. Funny thing he trained Elder Park a year ago. Crazy right? He has also been zone leader for the last 7 transfers. He knows what he is doing for sure. This is also his last two transfers so I will be his last companion. Basically I am super grateful to have him because his Spanish is awesome and he's a veteran at all of this and is doing his best to help me all that he can. I couldn't have asked for a better companion! I can't wait to get started with a regular schedule this week!

Finally, I just want to thank everyone for their letters! They have been great to get! I will do my best to respond, but until I figure out how to be more effective down here I may not get to everyone. So for now if I don't respond, just check my blog. Thanks and sorry about this. I need more time!!! Thanks again everyone for everything, I love all of you!

Hasta luego,
Elder Butterfield

P.S. one other funny thing, Elders are required to wear a part in their hair down here. Which makes me look like a doofus but I have to be obedient so I rock it lol

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