Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 9: Hastening the Work

Hola familia y amigos!

Well this week has been great as always! I owe a huge thank you to my family for shipping me all of the other things I needed this week such as a rain coat, more dark pants, blanket etc. Turns out I still needed a lot more than I thought. Tis the life of a missionary I suppose, we're always chasing after something. Pretty sure I've always had something to do since I have arrived here and half of the time the list of things to do gets bigger instead of smaller! Not quite sure how that works. But I'm slowly learning to adjust and focus on what I am able to do and to love the people that I'm serving. That has helped me to relax a little bit and get more into the swing of things!

First off I have to tell all of you about the man we met last week, Orlando. He is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. He has lots of questions and just wants to learn more about the church all of the time. He actually already knows a lot and then we just have to clarify different things. The other day he told us that after he gets baptized that we will have to let him know what he can do to help us with the work. My jaw about hit the ground. It was unbelievable! The only thing that even has the potential to be a problem is smoking but he knows that it is bad and he wants to stop. We just have to help him get there. Either way he will definitely be baptized soon because he has the desire to get there. I can't wait til Elder Lamb and I get to teach him about the temple. He loved church yesterday and really felt the Spirit there. Plus he got to see the baptism of Eber, who was the last person in a recent convert family in the ward to get baptized. He loved all of it! Woohoo! What has really struck me about our experiences with Orlando is that God really did send us to him as an answer to his prayer and there is doubt in the mind of Orlando of this fact. It made me realize that people really are searching for the truth out there and the missionaries just have to find them. It makes me so excited to find the other people out there like him!

Our other investigator that is doing super well is Ayesha! She continues to accept everything we teach her and had no problems at all with the Word of Wisdom when we taught her! She loved church yesterday and she is integrating super well into the ward! She and her boyfriend are currently living together but they are already engaged for next year and so we talked to her about the Law of Chastity and asked her to talk to him about getting married sooner and she did it that night! Unfortunately her fiance wants to do a few other things before they get married so Elder Lamb and I are going to try to get to know him better this next week and work with him so that we can start teaching him to and bring the whole family to church! We aren't super worried about her though, yes there is work to do but Ayesha is so prepared we know that the Lord will provide a way somehow :)

Other than that our other investigators are progressing a little more slowly but hopefully there will be more news to come soon! One other thing about Orlando I just remembered is that one morning we saw an extra car in his driveway and figured it was his daughter so we decided to go over and get to meet her! Well she was a little shy at first (she is 22 and married with a baby) but she opened up to us very quickly. Turns out she has been fighting depression the past few weeks and trying to find relief through repentance and Jesus Christ. She told us that she normally isn't a people person but that as soon as we entered the room she felt more relaxed, better and that she could trust us. So we quickly proceeded to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about repentance and promised her that we have what she needs to be able to feel relief. It was such a miracle to witness the comforting power of the Holy Ghost as her countenance changed during our visit. Not to mention we had actually already scheduled an appointment for later that day but Orlando was praying that we would come over early while his daughter was there so we could teach her. Talk about miracles. Anyways she didn't make it to church yesterday but we will make sure she is there next week!

What else happened this week... Oh well I forgot to mention before that Elder Lamb is the District Leader so I have already done exchanges twice here. Once to another area and once leading out our area. Exchange days are pretty fun, especially when you go to a different apartment! Elder Ortiz and Elder Smith were awesome to work with! We have the best district ever. I love my mission!

Oh! Another thing was that we had interviews last Friday with President Richardson. That was a pretty crazy experience. Elder Lamb and I were talking afterwards and for both of us President Richardson peered into our souls and told us things that were pretty much straight out of our patriarchal blessings. President Richardson is such a wise man :) Basically interviews were super good and I got some really good advice from him about how to help my Spanish and what I need to do to have success! Woohoo!

Oh one other cool thing that happened was that we received an assignment to work with someone from the ward who has recently reactivated but somehow never got the Aaronic Priesthood. Well we dropped by his house and talked to him and he is going to receive it next Sunday!

One other thing (no really this is the last one) is that our ward is doing a noche de hispanidad this Friday and we get to go do missionary work with everyone who comes that night. It's going to be so much fun!! So we will be very busy with that this week but things are going super well, the ward is getting stronger every week!

Well that's all I can remember for this week but it was super great and we're going to have an even better week this week! I wish all of you a wonderful week wherever you may find yourselves. Love all of you!
Until next week,
Elder Butterfield

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