Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 12: The Power of Three Lives On!

Hola mi familia y amigos!

Hahahahahahaha so you're never gonna guess what happened with transfer calls last night. Actually it should be pretty easy to guess considering my mission has so far been anything but normal. So you guessed it by now right? Hope so, because I'm going to tell you now. :) So it's transfers this week (my first time!), and normally they're on Wednesday but they had to move them to Tuesday because there's some meeting with the area authorities? Not sure but anyways transfers are tomorrow. So transfer calls from the Zone Leaders are the night before P Day so that you can know if you need to pack up your things or not. Well we were all sure that Elder Smith was going to get a new companion right? Wrong. In the call the Zone Leaders were like "And Elder Smith, you are transferring...across the hall." Meaning we are now in a trio. Wait what? My two out of three transfers in a trio already? What are the odds of that? I have no idea but pretty crazy right? We're still not entirely sure what's going on because the actual transfer meeting is tomorrow, so we just know that we are assigned as a trio. Should be interesting to find out. Especially because he's staying in Doral South (Elder Lamb and I are Doral North) and keeping the area's respective phone. Which is super weird for them to give two phones to a companionship, almost never happens. So anyways that was a pretty crazy first transfer call haha! I'm not that worried about being in a trio with Elder Lamb and Elder Smith though, we all get along pretty well so there shouldn't be any problems that way. I was definitely shell shocked to find out I was already in a trio again though. Guess Heavenly Father thinks that I need two trainers instead of one, I'm special ;) So anyways that's pretty much the craziest news that I have for you, trio power to the rescue. Should be a crazy good transfer with the three of us:)

On to more spiritual and uplifting things at this point, like our investigators!! Well the bad news is that we had to drop a few investigators this past week because it just isn't their time and they won't keep commitments. Orlando was the most heartbreaking because we put so much effort into him. But he had some serious commandment issues and wouldn't commit himself to live the commandments even though he knows they're of God. So there wasn't a whole lot we could do for him; the ball is in his court at this point. But that means we did our job as missionaries so that's good news I guess.

We witnessed a super crazy miracle this past week though! So we have been working like crazy to involve members in all aspects of missionary work as much as possible, which has paid off considering all of our progressing investigators except Ayesha are member referrals. Those referrals are the best! So we received one from a member for her friend and she set up the appointment. Well the first visit went so badly we didn't even bother trying to set up another one. Well,three the member friend still brought her to church and then to the activity night at the church Tuesday. Well after this Mercedes had a huge change of heart and decided that she wants to have us visit her now. So we set up a member present lesson with her and she had completely changed! She was super excited to see us and accepted everything that we taught her! It was amazing to see the light and excitement in her face that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring. So ya basically it was amazing to see how the members can do missionary work in ways that we as missionaries cannot. Had the member not brought her to church and the activity we would never have visited her again. Go member missionaries!!

So this brings me to our next awesome investigator Liliana. Remember her? She fell off of the radar for a little bit because she was difficult to contact but we finally visited her again yesterday and she said that she wants to be baptized and accepted to live the Law of Chastity plus the Plan of Salvation! Wooohooo! So will be working very closely with her to get her baptized asap because she's already been to church so much! So that's pretty great news right? :D And guess what? She was a MEMBER referral. Once again we learned that President Hinckley meant it when he said the better way to do missionary work is through the members. Well Elder Lamb and I (and now Elder Smith) definitely have a testimony of that prophetic statement!

Ayesha is still doing super good, it's just her stubborn fiancé who won't move the wedding up or let us talk to him. But she's practically already a part of the ward. So we just keep on working, and trusting that the Lord will provide a way as we seek His guidance and help.

Anyways other than all that, I'm doing great! Elder Lamb, Elder Smith and I are a little shell shocked about the trio news but are excited for the opportunity to continue working together! It's pretty crazy that this will be my second trio transfer already (my first was in the CCM)! But hey no worries, if that's what the Lord wants of us then I'm sure there is a purpose for it. We will go work our hardest so that we can realize the purpose that he has for us!

So ya that wraps it up for the week. We are also working with a bunch of Less Actives to try and reactivate them as well as find potential baptisms through them as well. Should be a pretty fun week:)

I wish all of you the best and love all of you so much! Also a big thank you to all those who have sent mail and packages, they're very much appreciated! Have a great week!
Elder Butterfield

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