Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 11: The Magical Number 3?

Hola mi familia!

Como estan? Espero que todo esta bien. Mi espanol esta creciendo. Pero yo se solamente un pequito de espanol.  Fortunadamente, yo puedo entender mucha de las personas que estan aqui en Florida. La verdad es ayer en el consejo de barrio hable sobre de todos de nuestros investigadores! Fue fantastico :) So ya there's my Spanish for you, hopefully someone can understand it. I'm more or less functional I would honestly say, though I do still freeze up sometimes because I don't know any words to express what I'm trying to say. And of course I would love to be able to express myself more fully in Spanish but I've just learned to be patient with myself. Already the members have told Elder Lamb that they can tell how much better my Spanish has gotten since I arrived (hopefully they're telling the truth and not just being nice... :) Once again I'm super grateful to have Elder Lamb as my trainer, he knows basically all of the rules for Spanish and helps me all the time. He's probably the reason that I'm doing so well with learning Spanish. He is awesome!!!

So you're probably thinking that this week was less crazy than last week with the car accident right? Well I'm not entirely sure that that is accurate. Don't worry no more car accidents. But there was an Emergency/Early Transfer in our apartment because Elder Rivas needs to go home to have his back fixed. So I'm now in a trio with Elder Lamb and Elder Smith. Trio power ahahahaha! Funny thing is that Elder Lamb only has one more transfer left and he's never been in a trio before. This is my second transfer (including the CCM) and second trio XD But it's only for the next week and a half until transfers, they'll bring in a replacement then. But I'm not worried or anything like that, we all get along super well and Elder Smith is gonna work with the members a bunch this week and do splits so that he can keep his area open! Pic of the trio is coming with this email don't worry:) So ya, I'm convinced that my mission is going to be anything but normal at this point. Fortunately I think that is a good thing. You have to do crazy things to obtain crazy good results right??? Anyways other than that crazy transfer with Elder Rivas things are going great here:) Investigator time!

So first up is Ayesha because she is so awesome! She is still doing great and accepting everything that we teach! The only thing that is standing between her and baptism is her fiance. So we are still trying to work with him, unfortunately only mild success there and no lessons. But something is bound to happen soon! The coolest thing was that she was having a hard time Saturday night and Sunday morning with some family stuff and she wanted to go to church because she knew that it would help her. Talk about a golden investigator right? So she is doing awesome!

Next up would be Orlando! He is doing ok, he loves us and loves to talk with us but he still hasn't been able to commit himself to live a few of the commandments. So we are working with him closely but essentially the ball is in his field of play at this point. So we are praying for miracles with him because he needs a good miracle right about now!

I could give you a report of all of our other investigators but nothing super crazy or notable has happened with them yet. That's ok though, that just means that the crazy things are gonna happen this week! I do want to share one miracle with you that I witnessed as Elder Lamb and I have been striving to work closely with the members. This is an excerpt from my letter to President Richardson:

 "Actually working with the members is what has brought us the most miracles here in Doral North. This last week we had a new ward missionary called and so we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and all of the ward missionaries. Well it turns out all of the ward missionaries are super excited to get going in their callings and made plans that night to go out Saturday and knock doors and such to help us find people! We also had Sister Diaz that we have been working with for a few different investigators set up a teaching appointment with her and her friend! It's absolutely incredible to see how working with the members can light a fire of excitement in them for missionary work! In fact this Tuesday we are training them on how to teach the missionary lessons that they can help us out with different things! The Doral Ward is on fire! That was probably my favorite miracle of the week, the excitement of our ward missionaries!"

How awesome is that that our ward missionaries here are so pumped up about missionary work?? Elder Lamb and I are creating an amazing foundation here in the Doral ward that I think is going to really help us in the coming weeks to find people through the members! Because as President Hinckley said, finding through members is the best way!

Well I think that's about it for this week, hopefully some awesome spiritual experiences will happen in the coming week :) I love all of you and hope you have a fantastic week!!
Elder Butterfield

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