Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 13: #BikingForDays

Hola familia y amigos!

Well first off I have an announcement for everyone. Not actually in a trio but I really did think we were in one as of last P Day, wasn't a joke! So basically what happened is someone messed up somewere in the line of communication for transfer calls. But it turns out Elder Smith got a new companion and Elder Lamb and I are still together. Elder Smith's new companion is Elder Wilber, they are pretty much the same person so they should have alot of fun. Anyways woohooo Elder Lamb is the best, super glad to have him as my trainer! He's probably the only reason my Spanish is where it's at, plus he's an amazing missionary and I learn a lot just through his example. So now that that is over with, onward with other stuff :)

So we had to go to transfer meeting last tuesday to pick up Elder Smith's new companion and they created a whole new zone in the mission which almost never happens, so that was pretty crazy! Also we are now on car share with the other Elders in our house, so Elder Lamb and I are essentially on bikes 24/7 now because our area is bikable and not so much for the other Elders. But that's ok because I actually LOVE biking here. It's all flat without mountains, which makes it super easy and plus we are able to street contact a lot more people on bikes than in the car. So I'm actually pretty excited to be on bikes :) The nice thing is that we still have the car for groceries with the other Elders and to go to church and such. So I can't really complain as far as that is concerned.

After Tuesday it was a pretty regular Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday Elder Lamb was sick and lost his voice. So that was no fun. But fortunately we were able to coordinate with members to have Elder Lamb stay in someones house with a Priesthood holder and I went with someone else to go work the area. That was pretty intimidating to say the least but some cool things happened and I think a family will reactivate because of it. Though I still can't believe how many phone calls I had to make in Spanish to coordinate all of that, it was a crazy couple of days. The good news is that Saturday he got his voice back and things are going super well now!

Saturday brings me to the coolest thing that happened this week! So Elder Lamb and I have been working with Brizlyn and her father to reactivate them and they are doing wonderfully! Yesterday they counted as what we call a rescue here, meaning that a less active member comes to Church two sundays in a row. The crazy thing is that Brizylyn's sister and her family also want to reactivate and they both live in our area, as well as another sister! So Brizlyn's sister is named Mirian. Well we visited her and her family Saturday night and found out that their nine year old son hasn't been baptized yet, but he wants to be baptized and the whole family is super excited to come back and for Christopher to be baptized! So we will be working with him every day this week to help him be prepared to be baptized! It's amazing to see such a large extended family reactivating together and that through this we will be able to baptize the son/grandson Christopher! Super happy to be with such an awesome family and that we'll be able to baptize Christopher, it's so cool! He loved the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and tomorrow we will probably teach him about the Restoration and some of the Commandments, pretty cool right?

Anyways that's pretty much it for this week, we have met some really cool people on the street but we weren't able to get them to church this week so now we have to go follow up and find out what happened. But we found a super cool family last night that I should have more to report on next week:)

Well I hope that you all have an amazing week and I look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Elder Butterfield

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