Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 14: Ward Missionaries Rock!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well Elder Lamb and I had an amazing week once again in our area of Doral North! We had three more rescues yesterday with different less actives we are working with as well as 4 investigators at Sacrament meeting! And our shining light Christopher, the nine year old boy from the Guatemalan family, is set for this Sunday without a doubt! First baptism, WOOOOHOOOOO! If all goes well his grandfather who received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday will baptize him as well! Christopher is such an amazing kid and super mature for his age. The other super cool thing is yesterday the other Doral Elders baptized two little girls and so the whole family was able to see their baptism after church, and of course this just got them even more excited! Christopher was pretty bummed out he couldn't do it yesterday, but that's ok because it's gonna happen next week! Other than Christopher we have a bunch of other people but no amazing progress to speak of, although I will come back to a new investigator that we have in a second.

So yesterday in the ward of Doral we had a record Sacrament attendance! The ward secretary Hermano Milan told us that we had a total of 104 people in Sacrament meeting yesterday, a three year high for the Doral ward (he told us the average has been around 40 or so, because Doral has only been a ward for 4 years)! Now keep in mind that the members of the ward deserve just as much credit, if not more, for that amazing feat, but we are definitely helping out with the reactivations and such and the ward here has a fire for the Lord's work that I have never seen before in members of the church! The ward missionaries are visiting less actives and are mobilizing the ward to create a ward mission plan, and all Elder Lamb and I have done is include them in our teaching visits. It truly is amazing to see the power of the members here in Doral every week They're amazing! What's even better is that they're always willing to come do visits with us. It's super cool to be in a ward that is just now realizing its potential!

Even better is that the church is launching a special initiative for Christmas this week just like they did for Easter this year. So what you all should do is go to christmas.mormon.org the day after Thanksgiving because that's when the website will update with the new stuff. There will be a really cool video that helps us all to remember the true meaning of Christmas. And one thing that everyone can to help the church out is to use #sharethegift to help make this visible to everyone; it's gonna be amazing! I don't want to spoil the surprise too much but the church is putting a lot of resources into this campaign, including special pass along cards, and it's gonna be amazing! So basically I'm asking you all to check out the site Friday, watch the video, and then share it or post something about on social media with #sharethegift. It will honestly help out a lot! Also keep an eye out for pass along cards in the Ensign :) But ya basically December is going to be even better than usual to be a missionary because we'll get to talk about the birth of the Savior so much with everyone! So please, do the Lord a favor and make #sharethegift blow up just like #becauseofhim did for Easter!

Well that's about it for this week..Oh ya! So Elder Lamb and I were biking back to the house because we forgot our lock keys (long story) one day, and on the way back I had a super strong spiritual prompting to contact a woman talking towards us. Well fortunately I did and we ended up going to her house 20 minutes later to leave a harvest blessing which turned into a complete lesson about the Restoration! When we shared the First Vision in Joseph Smith's words, the Spirit was so powerful that I could physically feel His presence in the room. It was unbelievable. Oh by the way this woman's name is Betty and she has already fasted once to help her to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not. She's incredible! Unfortunately she was sick yesterday so she couldn't come to church but she is still doing amazing and her kids love us, too. She should be able to come next week without a problem! Anyways so ya Betty is pretty cool and it was a pretty powerful experience in that first lesson with her!

Well I'm finally done for this week; it's been a killer week here in Doral North and I'm super excited for my first baptism next week! Happy Thanksgiving to all. I love all of you!

Elder Butterfield

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