Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 15: First Baptisms! (Yup, that's plural!)

Hola familia y amigos!!

Well my family already knows because a member already sent pics to them, but had my first two baptisms this weekend!!!!! Woooohoooo!! So this wonderful weekend began with our temple tour (note: The Florida Fort Lauderdale Temple is absolutely beautiful!) with a family that we have been working with! We took them to the temple Saturday, which was amazing, and then their 9 year old son Christopher was baptized yesterday! I had the honor of performing his baptism, and it was amazing to see how happy he was after coming up out of the water. It made me reflect a lot on my baptism day to be honest, but it was super cool to be able to actually perform the ordinance for my very first baptism!! Couldn't have asked for a better weekend than that. Not to mention the mother is already looking ahead to the next steps of Patriarchal blessings and endowments in the temple, which is the whole point of all that we do, so we are super happy that she is already so motivated to prepare the family for these next steps. I can't wait til a year or so down the road when I'll be able to go see them sealed in the temple!!! It's going to be amazing! And as I'm sure my family is wondering it was the mother, Miriam, who sent you the photos of the temple trip! So anyways basically it was super amazing to see the fruits of our efforts as far as this family and Christopher are concerned!

For those of you who have been keeping score, you will remember that that's only one of two baptisms that we had this weekend:D The other one was Albert, but I didn't bring him up before because we had actually already passed him off to the YSA (singles ward) missionaries, as that's where he technically belongs, last Monday after teaching him two or so lessons. Well, we got a phone call Saturday, and to make a long story short, he decided that he wants to attend the regular ward with his friends there. This was a bit awkward because YSA missionaries are a sensitive subject in the mission because they're only allowed to work with young single adults and so it's basically referrals as I understand it. But in the end its his choice and he will still participate in YSA stuff during the week so it works out. Besides it was still awesome to baptize him as we had taught him a couple of lessons before passing him off. He's had a rough start but really wants to change and should be a really solid member. He doesn't have a car but is willing to be self sufficient and takes the bus to get there, so that's pretty cool. It was pretty crazy to have him passed back to us the Saturday before but fortunately all was well and he was still able to be baptized! So there you go, my first two baptisms!! What a week:D

Other than that I don't have a whole lot to report on, Thanksgiving was pretty weird, but it was also super good because we were able to find two less active households that day so that we can help them get active again. And no worries, we had a member give us food and then we were also invited to the thanksgiving party of our Ward Mission Leader so we had plenty to eat as always here :) But ya I feel like I've basically told all of the exciting parts of this week, just super happy that Christopher was able to be baptized and that all of his family is on the right path now! Sorry that this week's update is shorter, unfortunately that is the trade off for sending pictures...these computers at the Library are wicked slow :/ But I had to at least send some pictures home for my first baptisms of course! Anyways I love all of you and hope that you have a wonderful week! And thank you for all of the Birthday wishes!!

With lots of love,
Elder Butterfield

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