Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 19: Thanks for Christmas Cards and Packages!

Hola familia y amigos!

Espero que usteds tuvieron una buena navidad y que tengan un nuevo ano fantastico! Elder Swensen and I are down here working hard in Doral North and unfortunately still trying to build a teaching pool. But that's ok because we are doing our best with what we have and striving to be better every day. If we do that, then God will bless us with people to teach sooner or later, so I'm not worried at all! So ya it was a little discouraging that we weren't able to teach much this last week, but hey the Skype call with my family and all of the Christmas packages certainly made up for any discouragement that we had. Honestly, a HUGE thank you to all who sent me something. It was very appreciated! I think some of the other missionaries were jealous that I had so many packages for Christmas haha... thanks for taking care of me:) Any time I get mail, be it packages or letters, it always brings a smile to my face!

So ya I would love to tell you all that I had some super cool experiences because it was Christmas and such, but I'd be lying if I did. That's ok. Sometimes things like this happen, but all that means is that Elder Swensen and I are going to work super hard for the miracles this week. The holidays should be settling down now after New Years and then we should have a great January down here, especially since we prayed about it and our baptismal goal is 6! So be on the look out for those 6 baptisms in January!

Anyways I'm sure everyone was wondering how Christmas was for me.  It honestly didn't feel like Christmas because of the weather down here. For Christmas I have to say I actually missed the snow. Pretty weird huh? But that's ok because I only missed the snow for Christmas! So ya it was pretty much a normal day just that I got to Skype my family which was super good!

So one last exciting bit of news...President Richardson said in his email that Ipads are coming to our mission soon!!! So they should be here sometime in January probably.  Super exciting!! It will be so much easier to share videos and things now; they really will be a wonderful tool. He is the Gift would have been so much easier with Ipads...but hey at least we get them now!

Well that's about it for this week, New Years will be weird. We have to be home by 7:00 Wednesday night. Other than that, that's about it. Love all of you!

Elder Butterfield

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