Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 21: Mission Tour by Elder Zwick of the Seventy

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are starting the new year off right!! Things were pretty crazy down here in the Fort Lauderdale Mission this past week as we had a mission tour by a member of the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder Zwick. It was an amazing experience and our mission received some much needed guidance on how to better move forward the work down here!!

Perhaps one of the biggest things that happened was that the idea of a Priesthood "Harvest" blessing was rebuked. Which to be honest I suspected all along but I followed it because that's what our mission President said to do. Basically all that means is that we will still pray with people as a finding tool, but it is just a prayer and not a special kind of blessing as it was considered before. Honestly nothing too shocking, but for all of the missionaries who had prayed the other way for so long it shook things up for them a bit. So that was pretty exciting, but in the end the approach is more or less the same so it's all good. Mostly, I just loved the training because I received so much revelation on how I can be a better missionary so that was wonderful!

Other than that it was more or less a normal week down here in Hialeah:) We unfortunately weren't able to get anyone to church so that was a little frustrating, but it's okay because we'll get lots there next week! Anyways, as a little follow up to Otto, we went back the next day and he was home but wouldn't answer the door and then his wife pulled in. So we talked to her and she said that he wasn't home. Kind of lame but sometimes that happens, but hey, Elder Swensen and I just laugh it all off:)

On the other hand, we did find a really cool investigator named Adriano this week! He is a 36 year old Cuban who was a former bartender but now he imports and exports Iphones. Anyways we found him contacting and he just invited us into his house. We prayed with him and then taught him a lesson on the spot! It was super cool and he is very interested in learning more. What's even cooler is that we introduced the Book of Mormon the next visit and he was in awe when we gave it to him. He began to scan through it and said to himself, "Maybe this is what I have been missing..." And then the next time we found out he has already read to when Nephi and his brothers were sent back to Jerusalem. He loves it and really wants to change his life; its pretty amazing! Also funny side note-- we asked him how he remembered his reading so well and he said after being a bartender for so long his memory is amazing because he had to remember what everyone was drinking. We thought that was pretty funny! Anyways we've already taught him a few commandments and he's working on those. It's just hard with him because he is constantly buying and selling to clients and so his schedule isn't set, but hopefully with some work and faith we'll be able to continue to work him and help him be baptized!
Other than that it was unfortunately an uneventful week but our District Leader is going to exchange with us this week to help us out so things should get better!

Well that's about all I have for this week! I also wanted to give a shout out to my Foothills home ward back in Herriman for sending me a big banner that everyone in the ward signed as well as the package of goodies I received from the Activity Days girls. My ward is awesome!! And of course thanks to everyone else who sends me mail and packages as well :D

Well have a wonderful week!
Elder Butterfield

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