Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 23: Knocking On Doors!

Hola a mi familia y mis amigos!

Espero que ustedes estan teniendo una semana excelente!

Things are going good down here in Hialeah Florida! I'd be lying if I said they couldn't be better but I can't complain about anything so that's good:)

This week was a bit of a rough week to be honest. Because of the way things worked out, we spent a lot of time finding people through our own efforts (ie knocking doors). That's normal but is was a little rougher because we weren't able to pray with very many people (Sharing prayers is still part of our proselyting;we just dont count or measure them in any way and we don't name them. But we do still share prayers! :D ) and the people that we did share the Restoration with didn't accept it, which is never fun even though it happens. But that's okay. I definitely learned and grew from this week so I'm sure it happened for some reason! Besides we're gonna have a much better week this week! Elder Swensen and I are determined to finish this transfer out strong! (Btw, this transfer is 7 weeks, so transfers aren't til next week. I'll keep you posted. With the Fort Myers zone, anything could happen this transfer. But I'm good to stay here, too, whatever the Lord wants:)

So ya despite our challenges we definitely still saw miracles! Our biggest miracle of the week was definitely our investigator Juan Carlos, who we actually haven't seen too much but we've stayed in good contact and he is reading. He is a theatre director down here in Miami Lakes and a former Catholic but has shown a lot of interest in the message of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! Well one of our members came up to us and asked if it had been us that visited her friend Juan Carlos. We hadn't even mentioned him to her because this member and her husband are assigned to the ward from Miramar, so we barely even know them because we can't visit them. But apparently she and Juan Carlos are good friends and had talked a bunch and she wants to help us baptize him! She took down our number and said she would try to set up an appointment where the three of us could go see him! Crazy right?? God works in mysterious ways that's for sure. It was just a reminder to me of how much easier it is to work through the members as the investigators have a friend they turn to for questions instead of the internet. Members=miracles. Always remember that; you members are where the real miracles in missionary work happen!

Anyways other than Juan Carlos that's about it as far as current investigators. But we did find a man named Cesar last night where the Spirit manifested very strongly so we think we are in for a super cool lesson with him tonight! Anyways other than that, that's about it I suppose. Definitely not fun to go a transfer without baptizing or reactivating anyone but so it goes sometimes. I just need to keep on giving my best and rely on the Lord for everything else. Miracles always happen that way!

Well that's pretty much all I have for this week. Transfers should be interesting so we'll see what happens next week!

Les quiero mucho!
Elder Butterfield

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