Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 25: Biking in Coral Reef North!!!

Hey Everyone!

I sure hope that all is going well for everybody back home! Things have definitely been a bit of an adventure for me this past week with transfers and everything! But I'm doing pretty great, just adjusting to my new area and all that good stuff. Wait, what's that? You want to know where I am? Hahahaha. All right --here we go. I guess I'll start off with transfer meeting :D So this last transfer meeting was absolutely insane with 21 new missionaries from the MTC as well as 30 new missionaries from the Fort Myers zone. Definitely one of the biggest transfer meetings yet! But anyways I got transferred to Coral Reef North with Elder Crockett!! Funnily enough this is the area where Elder Lamb began his mission--pretty crazy huh? Anyways the Coral Reef ward is awesome! In fact, it's so awesome that it's one of two wards in the mission that has 3 sets of missionaries assigned to serve here instead of the average two sets, which is pretty cool if you ask me! The other pretty crazy thing about the Coral Reef ward is that it is bilingual (both Spanish and English speakers attend the Coral Reef ward). So what happens is that they have a translator and then everyone in the congregation grabs headsets and they just take them on or off depending on what language they speak. I have to admit I feel pretty cool that I don't need a headset anymore :) Pretty crazy though huh? Only in Florida :D

I have to say though I definitely feel out of my element after living in Hialeah for four and a half months; my new area is primarily English even though there is a mix of everything. There's just a giant mix of African Americans, Caucasians, as well as Latins spread out here and there; it's a pretty diverse area! So that has definitely been weird for me to start doing missionary work in English because that almost never happened in Hialeah! But so far I'm enjoying it :) I even had had the mission office order me an English missionary tag because the Spanish one isn't very useful here!

One other thing about my area is that it's bike only again, so it looks like I'm just going to be a bike missionary! This area is much bigger than what I'm used to in Doral and we have to bike about a mile just to get to our area! I'm gonna have some good looking legs by the time I leave this area ;D Especially because Elder Crockett and I have been averaging about 6-7 miles a day on bike, which is definitely a bit of a change as well, but I'm managing to keep up so far!

The only other thing I have to say about areas is that it was a lot harder for me to leave Doral than I thought it would be. I had gotten to know the members pretty well there, and then when I visited Christopher on Tuesday night he started to cry...he almost made me cry...I definitely never imagined that it would be that hard to leave an area but it was. I mean I'm fine and everything but it just wasn't easy. But so the mission goes; it's crazy to believe that I will have been out for 6 months this month! Where did the time go??????????

Anyways, my new companion, Elder Crockett is pretty cool! Funnily enough he is actually from Riverton too! But ya Elder Crockett is super chill.  He's a ute fan so I can't complain haha! But ya I'm already killing my second missionary because Elder Crockett is going home after this transfer, but no worries he's not trunky (Trunky is what you call missionaries who are almost done and because of that they don't want to work!). Our goal together is to baptize a family this transfer so it's gonna finally happen! I just can't wait to meet them, whoever they are!

What else...oh yes....shout out to Elder Adams, who is now officially a FFLM missionary! I got the chance to talk to him for a moment at transfers but not too much. That kid is going to the hood! He's in El Portal with Elder Carver, so hopefully he is adjusting to everything okay!

Anyways I think that's all of the transfer news for the moment...if you want to look at my area just look at the city of Coral Reef (it's technically Miami but not really) and that should give you a general idea of things!

In other news, we have a miracle investigator from Transfer day! So all six of the Coral Reef missionaries had a meal appointment Wednesday, and this member Hermana Galvan has a friend visiting from Colombia named Ivan for about a month. Well after the meal she kind of just threw us at him and told us to teach him. So we introduced the Book of Mormon and he was super excited to read it and come to church. Well he hadn't read yet but he absolutely loved church and loved the restoration. So assuming all goes well and he continues to be as excited as he is, we will probably baptize him here in Miami! Which sounds crazy I know, but he just absolutely loves everything we have taught him so far and has already looked up the closest church where he lives in Colombia, and it turns out it's pretty close to where he lives! So it's definitely one of those crazy Florida situations,  but I think he is motivated enough that he won't have any problems. We shall see what happens there but it's just fun to teach someone that wants it really bad. I haven't taught someone like him since back when Elder Lamb and I taught Albert. So I'm pretty excited about that, and hopefully we will be able to find a family like him that lives here as well!

Other than that I feel like that's about everything for this week! It's been a crazy week but I'm super excited to get settled in and get to know the members here. Since I know Elder Crockett is transferring, I'm 99% sure I will be here next transfer which is good! Anyways I hope that everyone back home has a wonderful week, and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

Elder Butterfield

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