Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 26: Catching Chickens?

Hey everyone!

So a big apology upfront, I was planning to send some pics this week but since we had a Pros Monday (read: Proselyting Monday, the worst invention ever created...! ;) our normal emailing place got messed up and I wasn't able to send pics, so sorry about that. Also we got cut a little bit short on time this week so this week's update will be a little bit smaller, sorry! I will do everything in my power to get some pictures sent next week!!

Anyways things are going well here in my new area of Coral Reef North! This ward is awesome and one of the strongest in the mission. It's definitely been a bit of an adjustment from my last area where the ward was a little bit smaller. Definitely changes the Lord's work up! But ya, Elder Crockett and I have a super solid investigator named Alysia who has been to church four times and now knows she needs to be baptized again by that Priesthood authority, she is just praying about a date! The goal is for her to be baptized this Saturday, we are just trying to help her receive that confirmation from God that that is what He wants her to do. So that's pretty exciting!

As well we are working with what can be considered a part member family. Charlie has a member girlfriend and he loves church and the Spirit he feels there! So we are teaching him and just helping him to get divorced from his old wife and as well get married and we will have another complete family here in the Coral Reef Ward! This place is loaded with families, I just can't wait to baptize a complete one :D Those are definitely our most solid investigators for the moment, but there is one miracle I have to share about Alysia!

So Alysia had come to church 3 times already but was waiting for an answer on whether she needed to be baptized again. Well it got to the point she wasn't really going anywhere so we helped her to recommit to living the word of wisdom and left her alone for about a week before visiting her again, just to give her some time to kind of figure some things out for herself. Well it turns out that she began to live the Word of Wisdom and doing so is what has helped her to receive answers to her prayers(No surprise there!). She now knows she needs to be baptized and is just waiting for a confirmation on the date, which we have set for this Saturday! It was a wonderful reminder to see that God answers the prayers of those with real intent! Now we just need to help her either get baptized this Saturday or set her with a new baptismal date.

That's pretty much it as far as the work is concerned for this week, hopefully even better news to come next week!

As for other random stuff...So the new house that I live in happens to have a flock of chickens that just roam around the neighborhood...we think that they're stray chickens but they could belong to someone, you never really know down here in Florida! Anyways well it turns out one of the pastimes of the missionaries in the house is to catch chickens. So they took all of the clothesline ropes and tied them together, and hung a dairy crate from them with a ten pound free weight on top to make it drop faster. So we just put food underneath this suspended dairy crate and then drop it on the chickens when they're dumb enough to walk under it! We've managed to catch 2 so far this transfer, probably more to come. I'll send some pics of this next week because it's pretty funny. So if any of you ever wonder what missionaries do with their very limited spare time like during lunch and stuff, they might just be catching chickens.... :)

Anyways thanks for everything that you all do and I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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