Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 28: A Little Lost!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry to hear about all of the snow back in Utah...don't worry I've been soaking up sunshine for all of you this past week:)  Anyways, jokes aside, this last week was a pretty crazy one! Lots of good and crazy things happened!
So last Tuesday was a pretty normal day as far as I can remember although we did have a super cool miracle with the Polo family, a Colombian family of 4 we found Tuesday night! We had been knocking in this community (non gated) for awhile but accidentally knocked on the door of  the president of the Association who, needless to say, wasn't very happy to see us and told us we couldn't be soliciting there. We didn't really think anything of it though because the "Public Safety" guard of the community had seen us all the time and didn't say anything. Anyways right after that, we found the Polo family, a super cool complete family from Colombia with a mom, dad, and two daughters in high school! Basically the mom, Rebecca, said that we came to pray with her at the exact time that she needed a prayer and so she knows God sent us to her and listens to everything we have to say. It turns out that her husband was a former member from years ago when they lived somewhere else, and even though he doesn't remember much, basically this family has been super prepared!
So the crazy thing is that the next day (Wednesday) when we went to follow up with the Polo family, the Security guard came and told us that we couldn't solicit anymore and we could only come on to the property to visit people who had said we could come. Not only that but this guy has to babysit us while we go around to our different appointments up there and then escort us off of the property. I'm not going to lie it's pretty dumb, but I guess this is what happens when you knock on the door of  the president of a housing association haha. At least we're still allowed to go visit the Polo family even if this guard has to escort us every single time haha. We're just super glad that God helped us to find this family before we got shut down up there!
Aside from getting escorted off the property Wednesday, we also went on exchanges with the zone leaders because Elder Crockett is district leader. Well, I ended up taking over the area and got a little lost...and by a little, I mean that we basically ended up biking for 3 and a half  hours straight from 12:00 to 3:30 PM. Whoops.... It's hard to explain why but I drew a diagram of it in my journal so I'll take a picture of it and send it next week. But long story short, a canal divides the north part of our area in half diagonally and there's only one road in our area that crosses it. So if you don't know what you're doing it's easy to get stuck on one side. But hey I least I won't make that mistake again in the future. So ya basically Wednesday was an adventure... :)
Thursday was zone conference so that was super cool.  We got some much needed training that helped me a lot, and  I got to hang out with Elder Adams! Whoohooo! So that was pretty fun, but pretty much the only crazy thing that happened Thursday. Then things calmed down a bit Friday and Saturday. However we did find some cool new investigators, so hopefully more to come on them next week!
Then Sunday we had Alicia and Rebecca (mom of the Polo family) come to church, so that was awesome! Rebecca absolutely loved church and wants her family to come next week so that was pretty awesome! Alicia, on the other hand, still isn't going much of anywhere, so Elder Crockett and I are gonna have a make it or break it lesson with her tonight. Hopefully, it's a make it one and she gets baptized this week! If not then that just means we have other people we need to find and work with!
But ya that's about it for this week, kind of a crazy week but some good things are happening in my area so I'm super excited! Until next week.

Elder Butterfield

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