Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 30: Rebecca Gets Baptized!

Hey everybody!!

Well this past week has been an absolutely incredible week, so GOOD! First off, Rebecca was baptized!!!!! It was one of the most amazing baptismal services that I've ever been to. The Spirit was so strong there, but more to come on that in a second. In other news, we had transfer calls last night, and I'm staying! This isn't much of a surprise, but I'm super excited to be able to work with the rest of Rebecca's family! So ya my companion, Elder Crockett, is headed home this Thursday and I will be picking up my new companion tomorrow, so we'll see what's in store for me there! Anyways, there is all of the big news out of the way up front, but now it's time for details!

As I said, this last week really has been an incredible one, and it's made me really grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary for the Lord. So last Tuesday night, we had an amazing lesson with Rebecca and the Bishop of the ward and it just went so well. We taught Rebecca the Plan of Salvation, the law of tithing, and the law of chastity, and she accepted it all without even blinking an eye. She was very prepared to receive us; it's pretty amazing.

So Thursday was her baptismal interview and everything went great there. There's a pretty incredible story that came out of it though. Our zone leaders live with us in the same house, and one of them did the baptismal interview for Rebecca. Well, she told him in the interview that she had a dream six years ago that she went to Africa as a missionary preaching the Gospel. And now that she is going through this, she thinks that it will be her daughters. Pretty crazy huh? I couldn't believe it, especially since she had this dream six years ago. She and her family are just amazing, and I'm so blessed for the opportunity to be able to work with them!

Then nothing significant happened until her baptismal service Saturday, which as I mentioned before, was just a very spiritual experience! Rebecca's husband and one of her daughters came to support her, and Rebecca's husband even shared his testimony there of the changes that he has seen in Rebecca since we first met her. Rebecca also bore her powerful testimony of the changes that she has seen in her life and the Spirit that she has felt since we knocked on her door. She said that from the moment we prayed with her there at the door, her heart was touched and she knew that God had sent us. It was so incredible and the whole baptismal service was an experience that I will hold dear throughout my life.

Sunday she was confirmed a member of the Church and her husband Edgar also came to see her confirmation and even stayed the whole three hours! He is opening up more by the day and even told me Saturday that I will be here when he gets baptized. Pretty awesome right?? As well, Elder Crockett and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting, which went pretty well! First talk I've given on my mission, so that was fun!

We went over to Rebecca's last night for a last dinner with Elder Crockett which was pretty fun, too! Basically this last week has just been amazing to see Rebecca progress and to help her be baptized and confirmed. She was so prepared by the Lord and I'm glad he trusted us enough to be her missionaries!

That's pretty much it for this week though. It's just been a great week and I hope that this week we will we able to find more amazing people like Rebecca! Now I just am excited to find out who my new companion will be!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

PS This P-Day we went to probably the nicest country club I'll ever go to in my life. It's called Deering Bay, and it's oceanside. One of the members here has a membership and let us go there today and paid for everything. I felt so out of place there, but it was super cool and just absolutely beautiful! So that's where the golf pictures come from :D

Rebecca's baptism

Rebecca's farewell dinner for Elder Crockett

The Golf Course at Deering Bay Country Club

McKay living it up at the Deering Bay Country ClubGe

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