Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 33: Food Poisoning Sucks!

Hey Everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a good Easter and enjoyed General Conference! It was an interesting week down here in Miami, one of the more faith testing ones I've had but so it goes sometimes. On a good note Rebeca was able to watch all of the sessions of Conference either at home or at the church so that was good! Edgar even watched the first session Saturday with her which was awesome. He's taking his time, but hopefully him and the daughters will open up more sooner or later...!

Aside from the weekend it felt like a pretty uneventful week though. Elder Dinkins and I have been struggling to find new investigators as of late, so that has been pretty hard. I feel like God has been testing me lately, either that or trying to teach me something. The problem is I'm just not sure why. I mean I have no doubt there's a reason, I'm just not sure when I will find it out haha. But hey, that's mission life sometimes. I'm just trying to keep my head and my faith up and rely on the Lord a little bit more. Sooner or later things are gonna have to fall into place! But ya that unfortunately kind of sums up the week until the weekend...but conference was definitely good and brought some new experiences to the table...!

So I was able to watch and really listen to the first two sessions of Conference Saturday and they were really good, I really enjoyed them! Unfortunately we ate some bad food in between the morning and afternoon session Saturday, and it gave Elder Perkins (zone leader that lives in our apartment) and I a nasty case of food poisoning that hit me during the second half of Priesthood session... Let me just say that was one of the worst experiences I've ever had. Now fortunately I only threw up in the bathroom, but from the moment I began to throw up just after Priesthood I didn't stop until next morning even though there was nothing left after the second time... I didn't know it was possible to throw up/dry heave that violently! It was so bad that I kept my poor companion Elder Dinkins up all night...sorry man! So ya Elder Perkins and I got destroyed Saturday night and were stuck in the house all day Sunday recovering, so we didn't even get to listen to the rest of general conference, it was lame! But that's just life for you, turns out even the missionaries aren't invincible hahahaha!

The good news is I'm feeling lots better today and all fired up and ready to get back out to work. So hopefully we will see some cool miracles this week! Well take care and have a good week everyone!

Elder Butterfield

Elder Adams and Elder Butterfield--Long time no see!

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