Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 35: Tracting, tracting, and more tracting . . . .

Hey all!

Well thankfully this last week has been a lot tamer than the week before--no stolen bike parts to be reported which is a relief! That reminds me, for those who were wondering, we just had our zone leaders pick us up and drive us and our bikes up to the bike shop. Thankfully we didn't have to walk there because even though it's in our area it would have been a looooooong walk!

Unfortunately, though, even though it was a tamer week, it was still just a struggle to find those new investigators:/ There were some days last week where we would be knocking doors from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at night and talk to maybe 5 people and share something with maybe one of those people. Not fun times. Granted I know that some would argue that tracting is not effective, but frankly in our area it's been the most effective way to work. We still visit the members down here and try to work through them but just haven't been able to get a referral. Hopefully, they will start coming sooner or later. Despite the tough times, don't think I'm discouraged. Weeks like that are just motivators to work even harder!

One cool thing that happened last week was that we had interviews with President Richardson! He was able to give some good advice there and reminded me that the great sifting has to take place to find those diamonds in the rough. So I guess we're just still sifting! That was definitely an uplifting experience last Thursday, which was good!

This last little bit we have been trying to do more "teaching when you find", which is to say that if the settings are right and we're bold enough, we just start teaching the Restoration to them with the missionary pamphlets the Church has. We're still working out the kinks, but we've had some pretty cool experiences with it so far. We taught a man named Hector yesterday who just about accepted it but just wasn't quite ready. Sometimes Heavenly Father just needs us to plant lots of seeds, I guess haha:) Hopefully as we get better at it, we'll find some really cool families to work with!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to visit Rebeca this past week, but I texted her Friday and she was super excited because her whole family was going to come to church! Sadly, that didn't quite happen, but Rebeca is a great missionary and didn't let that get her down. She brought her mom instead! Pretty cool huh? Unfortunately her mom doesn't live in our area, but we are going to try and send the missionaries to her!

So some cool stuff certainly happened this week. I wish I had more to report,  but sometimes life is like that! Looking forward to tearing it up this next week and to see what happens with transfers next week! (Should I stay or should I go, buh nana nana nana na?)

Well, I sure love all of you and hope that you have an amazing week!

Elder Butterfield

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