Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 36: Transfers: Elder Butterfield is on the move.

Hey Everyone!

Well, I'll be honest; it was a bit of an uneventful week haha. Elder Dinkins and I were sitting here trying to think what we could write about and just didn't come up with much lol. Kind of sad but some weeks are like that...!

Anyways, fear not, there still are things to tell! Just not as much as normal. So transfers are tomorrow, and we got transfer calls last night! We got a bit of a heads up because the Assistants to the President called the zone leaders and asked about area border which automatically means they are changing areas up. In this ward we have 3 sets up of missionaries, so we knew they weren't creating an area which would mean that one is getting shut down and they're combining areas. Our area has been struggling a bit, and the other areas in the ward are doing well. So we just connected the dots and prepared for the worst. Sure enough, we found out both Elder Dinkins and I are transferring. Then to top it all off, the APs called again and said they are taking the minivan away and giving the zone leaders a regular car which pretty much confirms that the areas are being combined; we will see tomorrow for sure. Long story short--I'm TRANSFERRING! So I'm pretty excited to see where I'm off to next! It's just a little weird knowing that we're both being transferred...but such is life:)

Despite the difficulties this last week, one amazing miracle I saw was on an exchange with Elder Call. I was leading him to the area that Elder Dinkins and I had picked out to knock. We parked the car, saw a woman sitting on her porch, and we were both prompted to go talk to her. Well, as we got closer, we saw she was on the telephone, but we still went up to talk to her anyways. She immediately got off the phone without us saying anything and we were able to teach her the Restoration with the pamphlet (the director of proselyting came, and so our mission has a big focus right now on using the pamphlets to teach the Preach My Gospel lessons) right there on the porch! She committed to read the Book of Mormon and knew that God had sent us there because she told us she normally doesn't sit out on the porch but decided she needed to that night. It was a wonderful experience. So hopefully the new Elders in the area will be able to work with her as well as Fred when he gets back from Kansas City!

Elder Dinkins and I also discovered something amazing when we visited Rebecca on Saturday. We found out that she had seen a Church commercial and requested a Finding Faith in Christ DVD years ago but never received it. Some missionaries were slacking off and missed out on a baptism! But it was cool to hear because even though things didn't work out a few years ago, God was still aware of her and sent Elder Crockett and I to her.

Other than that though, our week was pretty much just a week of finding people to teach. We went out and worked hard but just couldn't find many people who were ready and willing to change. We did, however, have some interesting experiences venturing out to the more wealthy part of our area in the east. The city itself is called Palmetto Bay, and we went up there last night to mix things up. We locked up our bikes to a street sign and went out to work. After 30 minutes of knocking, we look down the street and see two cop cars about where we had parked our bikes. We had only been there for 30 minutes, and they were already on top of us. We couldn't believe it! Fortunately, they weren't there for us, but we think that one of the local residents called and complained about us since the missionaries don't normally go out that far. Unfortunately for them, it's not gated so they couldn't do much about it!

That was pretty much one of the most exciting things that happened this last week except the aforementioned miracle, so I feel like that puts things into perspective well haha! But hey, Elder Dinkins and I gave it our best so in the end that's all that matters. Hopefully the Lord will see fit to give me a bit more success in my new area, we shall see!

Well that's all for this week, I love all of you!
Elder Butterfield

PS: I think I'm taking after my father, I crashed on my bike this week trying to ride my bike without using my hands. But don't worry, I'm fine:)

New area and new companion!

Maybe the Church should come out with its own license plate!

Zone Meeting:  It looks pretty intense!

No wonder his pants are getting tight!

Tire trouble.

 McKay is now a bird watcher?

Not sure who this family is--they look nice enough!

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