Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 37: Blast off to Jupiter!

Well, transfers have come and gone and boy did they throw me a lot of curve balls!

So I got sent to another planet, Jupiter. JK I mean Jupiter, FL! It's an english ward and pretty much no spanish to be found! I was definitely a little frustrated about that considering President told me my spanish is excellent in my last interview, but I got over it haha. I'm still junior comp (J.C. 4 life!) and I'm companions with a missionary who got transferred over from the Tampa mission when the Fort Myers stake joined our mission, his name is Elder Clark! He's from South Jordan and went to Bingham so perhaps some of you guys know him or his family.

But ya that's pretty much it as far as transfers, just pretty surprised to be sent up north where there are pretty much no Latins. But I suppose the Lord has a work for me to be done up here. I'm just trying to figure out what it is!

As well, they shut down my old area and combined it with the zone leader area, so hopefully they can baptize Rebeca's family down there!

As for the area of Jupiter itself, it's definitely not Miami (I miss Miami a little bit, the craziness was fun!)! It's a more relaxed, wealthy white community full of golf courses but as well there are apartments for days here! So just like your average Florida city, richest of the rich to poorest of the poor. So there is still some diversity, minus the Latins I came to love in Miami haha.

But the ward has some very strong members which is good. The Bishop is very nice and an IT director like I want to be so that's pretty cool! As well the Elders Quorum President is very pro active and magnifying his calling well which is great! The bad thing is we had stake conference because there was a new stake president so I didn't get to meet many members Sunday. Hopefully in the coming week and next Sunday!

That's pretty much it though, I'm just a little shell shocked this transfer with white people culture and a new area, so hopefully I'll be able to give a bit better of a report next week!

As far as missionary work, there are several part member familys we are working with and it looks like one really is going to get baptized! His name is Emanuel, he's from Nigeria and just came to Florida a month ago. He's married to an active member here in the ward and has been to church several times, so we are just working to overcome a few things but he looks to be a very good potential! There are a few others, but they have cooled off since I showed up:( Hopefully we can go find some other really cool investigators this coming week!

Well that's all for now, love you guys!
Elder Butterfield

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