Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 39: The Lord is Good

Hey Everyone!!

Well, Emmanuel got baptized yesterday morning before church! It was an amazing service and surprisingly a stress free baptismal service for the most part, which is very unusual. Usually those things are stressful to the very end!!! So ya, I'm very happy and excited about that. His long time member wife was beaming and was so happy; it really was a wonderful experience.

The coolest thing about it was that Saturday when we were visiting him with the Elders Quorum President, he mentioned how grateful he was to us and, as well, how since I had come into the picture everything just clicked and started to go smoothly! That was a testimony to me that transfers are inspired, and it was really cool to see that the Lord needed me here to help Emmanuel! Definitely was a bit of a payoff I guess you could say!

That was definitely the high point of this past week! However, we had some pretty amazing things happen in the area as well. Wednesday night as we were out knocking doors and talking to people, we helped a lady move some furniture into her apartment. She had moved from New Jersey and has lived here for several years but had never met the missionaries. So she thanked us and then started to ask us questions about what we do and different things. So we told her that we help people prepare for baptism, and she told us that she's always wanted to be baptized. Pretty crazy right?? But wait, there's more!! We taught her about the Restoration on the spot, and then when we got to the First Vision, something amazing happened! We shared the First Vision, and two seconds after we finished, all of the hallway lights in the apartment complex came on. It was a pretty surreal experience! Unfortunately, this great lady wasn't able to make it to church, but we will make sure that happens next Sunday because she is awesome! She and her son were our only new investigators for the week, but we had some other cool things happen as well!

Saturday night, we were praying to find a family of five as we went out to knock doors, and at the last house we contacted on that street we found a super cool family of 5! We only met the parents, but they were the nicest people, and after a long conversation with them, they told us that we have to meet their kids and invited us to come back for dinner. I'm really hoping that they turn into investigators because they are the nicest couple I've ever met on my mission. Hopefully future Mormons!

A few other things happened that were awesome, but those were the highlights for the week. The Lord is good :)

This week will be pretty busy with meetings as we have zone conference tomorrow, but hopefully we will be able to get some new people to church this week!! That's all for now.

Elder Butterfield

The Florida Coast

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