Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 40: A Last Minute Miracle

Hey everyone!

Greetings from very sunny Florida. Apparently you guys are getting more rain back in Utah than I have down here? Pretty crazy to think about. I still haven't even been drenched on the bicycles in this area, which is nothing short of a miracle let me tell you! Which brings me to an interesting update. So we're on car share with the other elders in this ward, but the mission as a whole got rebuked for going over miles last month. Apparently the last vehicle coordinator had been super lenient with it all. The new one is cracking his whip! So we got cut down from 1700 miles a month to 1200. Which basically means with how far away our meetings up here in the North are that the car won't even be for proselyting but just for meetings and baptismal interviews hahaha. So looks like a full bike area for me once again, yay! At least I'll stay in shape I suppose:)

Anyways this last week has been a little crazy, we had a zone conference last Tuesday to help us prepare for the oncoming Hurricane season which was interesting. I will definitely be following Sister Richardson's advice to ask the Lord to temper the elements if it be His will. I do NOT want to live through a hurricane!!!!!!! But ya that was pretty much it for that zone conference, just preparedness stuff.

Not too much happened on Wednesday that I can remember, but Thursday we had an apartment inspection. Fortunately we passed and didn't get rebuked too hard so that was nice:) Then that night as we were out knocking doors a lady came home just as we knocked on her door. Surprisingly it turned into this crazy miracle where she had just found out her cousin had passed away five minutes before and that she knew that God had sent us! It was pretty amazing and she was very touched. Unfortunately she wouldn't commit to church, but hey hopefully she'll remember us the next time the missionaries come around:)

Friday we went back to Paul and Bethany that I mentioned in my last email. We had an awesome seafood dinner and I had crawfish for the first time in my life, it was actually pretty good! Unfortunately they were mostly just wanted to visit with us as company and we were barely able to teach the Restoration. The Spirit was there but they didn't accept too much, however they committed to read and pray so we will see what happens with them this week. Either we'll follow up and they'll be awesome or they're going to start avoiding us. Should be interesting to see what happens!

But hey, that's not all. Despite the difficulty in helping people to commit to church this last week, God is good! He gave us a last minute miracle on Saturday afternoon! We were out riding our beloved steeds (At this point I'm looking for suggestions on what to name my bike, email me those suggestions :D )and Elder Clark saw a woman with a U-Haul so we stopped and offered to help. Her name is Ramona and she was very grateful for the help. She soon asked what church we were from and just flat out told us that she was going to come to church with us. We didn't even invite her, she invited herself!! Her specific words were "I know y'all don't believe I'm coming, but I'm gonna be there tomorrow at 10:00 AM!" Best part is she actually did. She loved it and said she's coming back! She even mentioned that she felt that God had put us in her path, and that's why she came. God truly is gathering His elect and it's a pretty amazing thing to see! Funnily enough we still haven't taught her anything, but we're taking Gospel Principles teacher and her husband over to teach with us tonight so it should go pretty well! Looks like another baptism is in the works!!! Definitely the biggest miracle of the last week, pretty awesome stuff:)

What else...Oh ya, the zone had this crazy exchange go down on Wednesday and I went to the most ratchet (read:ghetto) place I think I've ever seen in my life. It's called Belle Glade and literally words cannot describe how ghetto that place is. We were definitely the only white people in the whole town. Go look it up on Google Maps, it's quite the place. That was a special adventure as well because we only talked to Haitians the entire today and they all speak Haitian Creole. So I just followed the other Elder around all day while he did everything, quite the experience. I guess now I know what it feels like to be an English missionary haha! Seriously though, look up Belle Glade and tell me what you think:)

Well that's all for this week, I hope you all have an amazing week and that it stops raining so much there!

Love you guys,
Elder Butterfield
Emmanuel's Baptism

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