Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 42: And Elder Butterfield...Stays in Jupiter South!

Hey everyone!

Well I'll be honest it was still a pretty trying week in more ways than one, but I'm going to try and focus on the positive or funny things that happened this last week :)

So transfer calls were last night and I will be staying in Jupiter South with Elder Clark, who will finish his mission this last transfer. This will be my third missionary companion that I kill in my mission, which is crazy and I don't really pretend to understand why I'm companions with so many dying missionaries...but the Lord has his ways I suppose! I told President in my email at this rate I'll be surpassing the record of an Elder who "killed" five missionaries haha! But ya anyways it looks like I won't be able to practice my Spanish again so that kind of sucks, but I sure as heck must be here for a reason!

Transfers aside, we spend a LOT of time knocking doors and street contacting people this last week trying to find new people to teach. It was pretty hard work and we honestly didn't see too many fruits from it which was pretty frustrating....but we did get some pretty funny stories from it if anything! For example, this one guy had a no soliciting sign posted but usually I'm adventurous and knock those doors anyway:) Well this guy had a whole routine prepared for us. First he put on this super vulgar saying talking about not believing in God with lots of naughty words mixed in. Then he opens up the door with his beer in hand rocking out and asks us "Bro, do you guys read the Scriptures?" so of course we said ya and he responded with "Then read my f---ing sign!" It was pretty terrible, but it was so unexpected and crazy that me and my companion just laughed our heads off about it. At least he was creative with his rejection I suppose, he'll make a good telestial person one day ;) Hahahahahaha so there was a pretty funny experience we had knocking doors. I thought it was funny enough to share anyways:)

We didn't really have any other super crazy experiences, it was just frustrating since we were going hard and couldn't find anyone ready for the harvest. But hopefully we will find those who are searching for the truth soon.

Saturday night we prayed super hard to have some miracle investigators show up to church and then we actually had 2 people show up to church which was pretty awesome! One was a lady we had helped move stuff into her home, and another was the nonmember wife of an Inactive member that came Sunday.

We didn't catch the lady until she came up to us after Sacrament, but she had to leave after that and we haven't been able to set up a teaching appointment yet. Hopefully she will get back to us...! Then the Inactive member and his wife came to church because his foster mom was visiting from Utah( She's a temple worker in the Jordan River temple, maybe one of you guys knows her. Sister Roberts?) and she told us she wants us to focus on them. They came to Gospel Principles which was good, but unfortunately they've cancelled on us twice now so it remains to be seen what will happen. I sure hope we'll be able to get in and teach them one of these days!

The only other thing of note was that we found a cuban family in our own apartment  complex who was just moving in. So we might actually be able to use our Spanish, and the cool part is that the Ward is going to start a Spanish sacrament and stuff (still under the Jupiter Ward) so the structure will be there to support them if they get baptized. So hopefully they turn out to be awesome!

That's pretty much it for this week though, I'm just trying to go forward with faith. I hope you all have a great week and summer!

Elder Butterfield

P.S. Mickey D's had 69 cent cheeseburgers, so Elder Clark and I destroyed ourselves yesterday as you can see in the picture XD

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