Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 43: Still Looking For Investigators . . .

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have to say it was pretty weird to not go transfers this last week. Apparently, it was a huge and super crazy transfer meeting since a lot of the mission leaders are going home next month. Not to mention I broke my streak of going to every transfer meeting! But hey, I suppose if this is where the Lord needs me then this is where he needs me!

This week was definitely better! It was still faith testing in terms of finding new investigators but my companion and I are doing better so that's good news at least! With that being said I'll do my best to review the week!

Last Tuesday for P day we went tie shopping at Marshalls so I got a pretty sweet baby blue tie! That coupled with the 2 pink ties my family sent me gave me a lot more color in my collection! So that helps to add a bit of variety to my life at least haha :) Then Wednesday we knocked lots of doors but not too much came of it to be honest; some days are like that though.

Thursday we had our district meeting, free McDonald's run, and more knocking to boot. That night we had a cool experience where we prayed for a family of 4 and then ran into a brady bunch type family with the parents and two kids were home. They were super awesome at the time and loved the idea of being baptized together as a family, committed to come to church, and then we were able to overcome the typical Mormon concerns right off the bat in the initial contact. We were so excited because they had been so committing in the initial contact we thought for sure this was the family we had been looking for. So we scheduled our ward mission leader to come out with us to the return appointment and....the appointment fell through and we lost contact with them after that. Definitely not the first or last time that has happened but it was still super frustrating! Oh well, we will find our golden family sooner or later:)

Saturday we went on exchanges, so I stayed in my area with the district leader's companion Elder Bortman. It was an alright day; we ventured out to a part of our area we hadn't really worked before, but nothing too crazy happened there.

Sunday we didn't get anyone to church, but we did find an awesome African American lady Sunday night! We prayed with her and then invited her to be baptized and she said that she had already been baptized, but then she asked us if she needed to be baptized again and we told her yes. She said ok and asked where the church was at! It was just awesome to find someone who listened directly to what we were saying! We're going back to her tonight so only time will tell, but she definitely seemed promising!

As for the part member family I talked about last week, the Eitelbuss family, they were supposed to come to church yesterday but the wife got sick:( We still haven't been able to teach her much because of crazy circumstances, but she and her husband are open to us visiting them, so we're hoping with member support we can rescue the husband and baptize the wife! It will definitely be a challenge given her Jehovahs Witness background, but hey with faith anything is possible right??

Well that's pretty much it this week. Love all of you and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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