Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 45: The Best Week . . . and the Worst

Hey Everyone!

Well, this week was a pretty interesting one to say the least.......from like Monday to Thursday was one of the best weeks that I've had in a long time. We were teaching a lot, bringing members out to teach with us, and honestly things were just awesome! We were staying busy and didn't really have any downtime so to speak. I just wish it would've lasted longer!

So part of the awesome high of last week was that we received several media referrals that we contacted and stuff, but they didn't really amount to much of anything. However, Monday night we recontacted a family, Susan and Daryl, that we had met a few weeks ago, but we had lost contact with them. Well when we found them again they were super awesome, told us that they had talked about the idea of being baptized together as a family, and really liked it.  They wanted to come visit the church with us and all that good stuff! So we set up a return appointment with them for Wednesday night and then set up with a member who lives close by to go visit them with us.

Well the appointment Wednesday night went super awesome. They fed us pizza, Sister Burger had a similar family situation and so she connected well with Susan. Not only that, but Susan opened up to us and basically just told us her whole life story and how she knows that she's living in sin but wants to change, and so we taught about repentance and she really liked that. You could tell she was really sincere and really wanted to change, so we were super excited! They seemed like golden investigators after that!

We went back Thursday night and taught about the Restoration (we hadn't been able to cover it before because Susan had taken things another way) and especially about eternal marriage and eternal families. We talked about how the authority, the Priesthood, has been restored and so they can have an eternal marriage/family. Well they were super excited about that so we set up an appointment to go see Susan on Friday night since Daryl would be working. Oh and then they also randomly announced that they were sick of living in sin and so they had decided to get married and showed us the paperwork for the marriage license. We hadn't even brought up the Law of Chastity yet and here they were telling us they were going to get married and even asked if one of us could do it. We politely declined but told them that we'd be happy to go to the wedding! So then we went home and called a couple from the ward to go teach Susan the next night.

Unfortunately Friday is when crap started to hit the fan so to speak...we showed up at their house with the members and then got the dreaded "no answer" at the door...we figured something was wrong, but this happened the first time we contacted them, so we weren't too concerned just yet...but then we dropped by Saturday night and found out what happened.

Basically, instead of asking us questions, they decided to ask their friends and coworkers what their thoughts were about eternal marriage and the Book of Mormon and got anti-ed super hard....it was easily the roughest drop talk from an investigator I've had on my mission. My heart was pretty crushed and I'm still pretty frustrated about it... I mean this was the closest I've ever come to baptizing a whole family and they were SO promising and they're already gone. And it was just for stupid reasons too...like that it doesn't say in the Bible we have to give up TV for 2 years, we're brainwashed and all this stupid garbage...and then of course they had some Joseph Smith anti information and that it says in the Bible that marriage isn't eternal....just lots of stuff that they could have prayed about or asked us but didn't.... very frustrating.

We also had to drop our investigator Shannon since she hasn't read in the Book of Mormon on her own. So basically it's back to square one for us in finding a teaching pool which kind of sucks but whatever. Can't stop doing the work just because things get hard that's for sure.

So ya it was a rough end to the week but hopefully Elder Clark and I can find a family this week who will be baptized the last week of the transfer!

Sorry I don't really have anything cool to share...things blew up in our face this week haha...hopefully it'll be a better week.

Hope you all have a happy 4th of July. Watch lots of fireworks since I'll be stuck inside at 7:30 haha!

Elder Butterfield

P.S. For anyone sending me mail or packages, the mission is changing the way of doing it. They won't forward mail sent to the mission office anymore so they want it sent directly to the apartment we're living at.

So for now my address is 1700 Estrella Ct #205
                                          Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

P.P.S. Transfers are on July 23, and I have no idea if I'll be staying or not, so if you send me something, make sure it will arrive on or before the 22nd of July (and give it a couple of extra days since Florida takes awhile with the mail haha) Thanks!

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