Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 46: Gnats and Bed Bugs

Hey Everyone!

Well, another interesting week to say the least...but at least it wasn't boring:) Basically Elder Clark and I are still in the same situation we were last week except the people we're teaching have changed, which I'm sure is such a shocker;) Anyways, I'll try to highlight all of the crazy/eventful things that happened...

Honestly the beginning of last week was a bit dull. Basically we had found an African American family that was super committed at first, and they were keeping commitments! We had good communication through the phone and things were going pretty well. Well it only took a couple of days before they stopped answering the door or the phone. #AnotherOneBitesDust. Am I Right?

That's alright though, because we found a guy in the same neighborhood who had seen the missionaries and prayed with them before, but for some crazy reason they never went in the house! He said we were welcome anytime, so we took his information and we went back the next day and he (Nick) turned out to be super boss. We taught him the Restoration and then set up to go see him Friday, hopefully with his girlfriend. Well we got there Friday and his girlfriend was out running errands and he told us that she was skeptical of our visits as she had had bad experiences with religion in the past. Well she came home a few minutes later and sat right down with us, so we went over the Restoration again, this time with Bailey, and she loved it! We ended up having to rush because of uncontrollable circumstances, but they invited us back over for dinner without us even asking! They're a little nervous about church so they didn't come, but they agreed to a chapel tour so we will be doing that this week and hopefully get them to church and on the road to marriage and baptism! They honestly are the most promising contact I've had in this area though just because they're both on board with everything. So hopefully I have lots of good news with them next week!

Anyways so Friday after we visited Nick and Bailey, we ventured out to a new part of our area to knock some doors! Unfortunately Elder Clark got a flat tire in the process so that destroyed our night a bit...I'm telling you, all these old missionaries and their bikes...bikes are just not meant to take the abuse we missionaries give to them! So ya not much happened Friday night because of that whole situation...which brings us to Saturday the 4th!

Well, it was probably the worst 4th of July I've ever had hahaha. No fireworks is definitely a big bummer. Also there was a pretty intense lightning storm Saturday morning. To add on to that, I discovered an epidemic of bed bugs on my bed....yes they are very much a real thing. Now I had known the apartment had them. Lots of apartments in the mission fight them because with transfers they just get taken everywhere. It's really gross. But anyways I knew our apartment had them, but I just never knew where they were hiding so I didn't think about it too much. Well to start off the 4th, I ended up pulling around 60 something bed bugs off of my box spring and mattress. It was seriously the grossest thing of my life. I'll send a pic to give you an idea (taping them with scotch tape is the best way to get live ones because if you squish them, blood squirts out everywhere). So yeah that was a pretty terrible start to the 4th. Then we went and worked without too many eventful things happening. We ended the night with a sleepover with the Jupiter North Elders which was a pretty fun change of pace!

As for Sunday, basically the only eventful thing that happened was that we got kicked out of a private community. It was super funny too because they had just changed management and so all of their "no trespassing" or "no soliciting" signs had been taken down, but they insisted that it was still illegal for us to be there and told us that if we didn't leave they would call the cops. I just told them my advice would be to put the signs back up lol.

So ya, that was pretty much my week. Kind of a pretty average week unfortunately, but good things have to start happening sooner or later!

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

(McKay sent a pic of the bed bugs, but it is blurry and also really gross so we didn't post.)

Look closely at Elder Butterfield's forehead and shirt.  He is covered in gnats! Yuck!

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