Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 47: #AnotherOneBitesTheDust

Hey Everyone!!

Well another week in the mission gone by, pretty hard to believe honestly! This last week was pretty much typical for here in Palm Beach Gardens (Jupiter South), but I will try and give you all the highlights:)

So this last Tuesday we had interviews with President Richardson, and he basically told me that I WILL train and that I'm also going to be a district leader(he didn't say when though). So much for staying junior companion for life! Perhaps I'm getting too comfortable as junior companion... ;) But hey, President Richardson changes his mind a lot for transfers, so perhaps I can continue as junior companion for a few more:) But ya basically after interviews I'm pretty scared to see what happens at transfers next week so that should be pretty interesting...!

Wednesday we were supposed to go out and teach several people with Bro Harreveld, but all of the appointments fell through (typical investigators ;) so we went around trying to contact some of the unknown inactives on the ward list. We didn't really find anyone, but apparently we gained his trust because he decided to send us over to his in-laws who live in our area! Bro Harreveld and his wife are both converts, so Bro Harreveld's in-laws are both super Catholic. We ended up catching them at their house Friday and things seemed to go pretty well. We weren't able to teach them much, but we made a connection with them and they said that we could set up a visit through their daughter (Sister Harreveld). We haven't heard anything yet, but they were going to try and make that happen so hopefully it does!

So there's something positive happening in our area! As well our Cuban investigator Ampara came to church on Sunday! She wasn't being very committing at the beginning of the week so we basically just threw down (in a nice way with the Spirit of course) about the importance of coming to church. Part of the problem is that she can't drive herself and her family isn't super interested yet, but fortunately one of the members we took over to teach her offered to give her a ride. So she called, got her ride, and came to church. Now she wants to bring more of the family next week! At church yesterday we were able to set her baptismal date for the 25 of July, and she agreed saying that as long as she was ready she would do it! So moving forward this week we will be teaching her and prepping her for baptism, as well as trying to get the rest of the family a little more involved! So ya that was pretty great to finally get someone to church again!!

Unfortunately, though I do have bad news about Nick and Bailey... #AnotherOneBitesTheDust Basically they loved us, they loved learning, but they said they just aren't interested in joining anything right now. But it was definitely a no hard feelings drop talk so that was a nice change of pace I suppose. It was pretty funny because we had lost contact and so we finally just dropped by. And then Nick apologized and just explained that he and Bailey had felt bad and just didn't really know how to say no to us! I got a good kick out of that one considering how many people have no problem saying no to us everyday. Guess I'm just that nice after all ;)

Anyways that's pretty much it for eventful things this week! Basically I'm just excited for Ampara and really scared to see what transfers brings sooo ya... Oh and also I read St.

John 4:36-38 and it really helped me to understand that there are both reapers and sowers in God's work! And sometimes we do a little more reaping than sowing, others a little more sowing than reaping. But at the end of it all the sowers and reapers will rejoice together. So that was a great reminder to me to just keep on sowing until we find someone who's ready for the reaping:)

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Butterfield

PS: We went to the pier last week which was pretty sweet, enjoy the pics!

Elder Butterfield and Elder Clark

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