Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 48: Soon to be a Trainer!

Hey Everyone!

Well,transfers are tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm going from a companion on the last day of his mission to a greenie on his first day in the field! That's right I'm staying and training! And kind of freaking out about it honestly, but it will be a new sort of adventure so that's good:) Let's just hope I get a good greenie and not a bad one. I won't find out til tomorrow if I will be a district leader or not...hopefully not. It will be interesting to see because it looks like they're switching up the zones and different basically anything is possible tomorrow! At least it will be exciting:)

Anyways that being said, this last week was an interesting one (as it always is with a dying missionary hahaha)! Unfortunately, we had to drop Ampara this week. She got a little bit of anti-info last Sunday after church from her daughter's coworker of all places. We were able to overcome that though, but then she decided she wasn't ready to be baptized and just wasn't progressing. After the second visit she was just going around in circles, so we decided that she just needs a break for now. We'll just leave her alone for awhile and then I will go follow up with her in a couple of weeks or a month or something and see if anything changes...unfortunate but definitely a necessary step!

Other than Ampara, there were a few people we taught this last week but not too much to report so far, a few people dropped off or just are kind of in limbo right now. However we've started to teach this Jamaican family, they're pretty baptist and the husband had a bit of a hard time with the first vision but agreed to pray about it and ask God if Joseph Smith was his prophet! So as long as he does that and tomorrow night we can convince them to come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this Sunday, then we will have a boss family to work with! Only time will tell. But hey at least my greenie will have a teaching appointment his first day in the field. That's more than I got since we got whitewashed into the area! So ya they're cool but we really need to help them to come to the restored church this Sunday instead of their church...!

Honestly that's pretty much it as far as investigator news...but it's miracle transfer week this week so me and my greenie are going to find some boss new investigators to baptize together here in Palm Beach Gardens!!

Well I love you guys lots and I will update y'all next week on all the juicy details of transfers and stuff!

Elder Butterfield

Dinner with Sister Omeir

Bowling on P-Day

McKay and Elder Allen
McKay and Ampera

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