Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 49: Busy Times Ahead: A Trainer and A District Leader!

Hey Everyone!

Holy crap! Transfer meeting was least I was the second companionship on the readout though so I didn't have to wait long to find out what was going on! So as I mentioned last week I'm training! His name is.....Elder Angulo! So I've got a Mexican missionary son:D It's actually, honestly, pretty perfect; the Lord knows what He's doing that's for sure! So ya he's up here in the north part of the mission to improve his English, and he's going to help me improve my Spanish! So basically we just switch off, one day talking to each other in English and the next in Spanish. We're definitely having a lot of fun so far, so I'm actually pretty excited for our 12 weeks together. It should be pretty fun:)

Also, yes I was called to be a district leader...over 2 sets of sisters! So I'm a Relief Society President too haha XD So far so good though in the Mighty Mujeres district. I gave my first district training last Thursday (talk about jumping into things) and just talked about building a solid foundation of elect and committed investigators to reach our baptismal goal of 8 baptisms as a district for the month of August. I think it went pretty well, for my first training at least! I also have to give little trainings or "comp studies" to each companionship of sisters each week, so I will pretty much always be busy preparing trainings/comp studies these days which is pretty weird. And this on top of training Elder Angulo. It's definitely been overwhelming but I'm learning that the Lord qualifies whom he calls and just to trust in Him to help me out with everything!

So the district is myself and Elder Angulo in Jupiter South, then Sisters Estrada and Madsen in Jupiter North. Then I also have the STL's in the district, Sisters Clegg and Ray, who are serving up in the newly created Port Saint Lucy branch. So far the STL's are kicking my butt, so I have to step it up in my area that's for sure! Also the Jupiter Ward hasn't seen sisters for 22 years so they were super excited on Sunday. So basically what I'm trying to say is that transfers were definitely inspired and I'm super pumped to lead the Mighty Mujeres (note: I came up with that nickname, I figured I may as well wear proudly the title of Relief Society President :) district and I think we're going to see a lot of success here!

Alright, now I'll talk about the area and investigators and stuff for the last week. So I still made Elder Clark go out and knock doors for an hour on Tuesday (the last day of his mission) and it payed off! The very last contact we made Tuesday night, we found a woman named Marta who told us she believed everything that we were saying and that she wanted to visit the church! We were finally able to go see her Saturday, and Elder Angulo and I taught her the Restoration! Well she accepted to be baptized on the 8th of August, to come to church, and then to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, and to do all of that with her son as well! Unfortunately, I got a little too excited and forgot to nail down a specific plan to help her get to church. So when we went by the next morning to knock the door and make sure that everything was good to go, she was still asleep...we actually woke her up knocking the door which was good, but she wasn't really in the mood to start getting ready for church at that point:( So she's kind of in limbo now, but since we've only taught her one lesson so far, we will try to follow up with her this week and make some better plans to get to church and such (ie an alarm, yes we really do have to do that sometimes haha :). My hopes are guardedly high, but we will see what happens.

Elder Angulo and I also had a really cool experience on Thursday night! So with Elder Clark, it didn't really rain much at all. Which apparently is weird for this area. Well once Elder Angulo came it has been raining everyday for hours on end!!! So sometimes we've been stuck in the house because of lightning or really severe rain. But once the lightning is gone and the rain is a bit more calm we still go out:D Anyways Thursday night was a really nasty storm, but it finally calmed down about 7:30 so went out to knock doors for an hour to finish the day. Well we knocked two doors and nothing really happened, but then we saw a family unloading groceries so we went over to help. They accepted our help and then we were able to share a prayer for their home, and we taught them the Restoration! They accepted baptism and church, which was pretty awesome! The crazy thing was, it was a Spanish speaking family from Guatemala so Elder Angulo was able to participate fully! It was really really cool...unfortunately since then they're dropped since we lost contact with them...but it was still a really cool miracle the second day of Elder Angulo's mission!

That's pretty much it as far as noteworthy investigators for the week. We will just give Marta once more chance and help her get to church and then go on the hunt to find more new investigators!

Oh and since the sisters came into the ward and I will have to do baptismal interviews all the way up in Port Saint Lucy, we got a full time car! I think we'll still be on bikes a  lot but having our own car will be nice:)

Well that's pretty much it for this week. I'm excited to work with the district and train Elder Angulo! I'm determined that we finish our companionship speaking fluent Spanish and English!!!

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Butterfield

McKay and Elder Angulo

McKay's District

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