Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 53: What Day Is It? HUMP DAY!!!

Hey Everyone!

Whelp, one year down one to go...which basically means I've been out on my mission for a long time and still have a long time to go hahaha:) Honestly, a pretty weird feeling though, especially thinking that I was in the MTC a year ago. Time flies...but sometimes it flies faster than other times XD

Reminiscing aside, Donna is still doing amazing! She's probably the most prepared person I've ever taught on my mission. This last week we taught her the commandments and such in order to help her prepare for her baptism. Except taught isn't really the right word, it was more of a review than anything. Basically the only new things we've taught her have been the Word of Wisdom and the Restoration. She pretty much knows everything else, probably better than I do! So it has been a real pleasure to teach her about every other day in prep for her baptism this Saturday! She pretty much is good to go as it stands. Her interview is scheduled for Wednesday and we've gone over the questions with her like 3 times at her request so we know she really is taking this step seriously!

I think my favorite experience with her was something she said either Tuesday or Thursday. We showed up to her house and before we said anything she told us.

     "So about my baptism, it's the 29th right?"
     "Oh, well good. I just don't want to delay it any longer so that I can get started on my year to go to the temple and get married there."

So cool right? And it just made me realize that somebody really can be baptized in two or three weeks if that's what the Lord wants. It's not impossible or unacceptable, but completely ok and doable if the person is ready! So that was just a really cool experience for me and a huge faith builder! I just hope I'll be able to come back and see her and Monty get sealed after the mission!

So that was the excitement of the week:) Unfortunately, we don't really have any other solid investigators we're working with at the moment; it was a bit of a rough week knocking doors wise. But hey we have some ideas of how we're gonna change to do better this week so with enough work and faith then that problem will be fixed in no time:) That's honestly pretty much it for this week though, just reviewing the commandments with Donna so that she can get dunked this Saturday. Should be a pretty special day, Elder Angulo is pretty excited for his first baptism!

Well hopefully you all have a good first week of school. Love you all lots!

Elder Butterfield

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 52: The Exhausted District Leader and Trainer

Hey everyone!

Well this week was pretty crazy just like any other week...also I'm EXHAUSTED. But hopefully that means I'm doing something right hehehe... :) Anyways so this last week I got pulled out of the area to exchange with the zone leaders on Tuesday, so Elder Angulo was freaking out about taking over the area! Honestly it was pretty funny to watch because Elder Lamb pretty much made me take over the area every single time he exchanged so I just thought it wasn't a big deal:)

Wednesday we knocked lots of doors and actually talked to lots of cool people but in the end we just weren't able to keep contact and turn them into investigators which was a bummer. But hey we ended the day by teaching Donna the plan of salvation with Stuart and Linda Pearson (ie: the members that used to live next to my cousin Jake Butterfield back in Utah, they're awesome!) We had a really great lesson and the Pearson's were able to testify of the importance of temple marriage, it was great! Not only that, but Donna had read the whole restoration pamphlet and looked up all the scriptures at the end! Because she had read it, she was concerned about church since she didn't have a dress or a skirt. Well Sister Pearson ended up getting one for her, how awesome is that? Talk about fellowship:)

Thursday was a slower day, just lots of knocking doors, a meal appointment with the Alverson family, and then missionary coordination meeting. Friday was also a bit of a slower day, but we started off the day with lunch at the Pearson's house so that was good! We also stopped by Ampara again to see how she was doing at the end of the night. Unfortunately not really much had changed with her, she was happy to see us but hadn't really given much thought to anything we had talked about or read or anything like that. But hey, hopefully some time in the future she will be ready!

Saturday was cool as we started out the day teaching Donna with the Relief Society President! The plan was to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Word of Wisdom, thinking that was the one potential hold up for her baptism. Well it turns out, she's already been living the Word of Wisdom pretty much her whole life! She just said she saw how dependent her parents were on coffee and so she never wanted to drink it herself. So I thought that was pretty cool! We moved her date back to the 29th of August though just because she's a little hard of hearing and she can't read small print very well so just thought it would be good to have a bit more time to teach to understanding and such. But overall she is doing awesome and excited for her baptism on the 29th, so Elder Angulo and I are pumped for that!

Something cool that Donna mentioned as well was that we were talking about the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit in Gospel Principles. And she mentioned how she had to rely on the Spirit and pray to God if she should marry Monty, especially given how quick they got married. But she sincerely felt that it was right and so she went with it. And I honestly believe that she's been guided here as well, I haven't taught anyone this prepared since Rebeca. The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways and not the way we think, but He does work miracles. No doubt about that.

So that's pretty much it for the week! Training a new missionary and being a district leader is pretty exhausting...and the language barrier has been pretty tough sometimes, but I'm just trying to remember and emulate how patient Elder Lamb was with me and trust that it will all work out somehow. I'm definitely not very good at it, but hopefully with the Savior's help that will change. I guess I'm just one of those people that has to be given responsibility to grow instead of just growing on my own...hopefully I'll get that figured out sooner rather than later;)

Well love you all and have a great week back at school!

Elder Butterfield

Playing water balloon capture the flag with McKay's district and zone leaders!

McKay and Elder Angulo placed a Book of Mormon in a free library that they found. :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 51: A Miracle Investigator!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was a pretty crazy one, as always, full of hard work, rain and the occasional bike crash:) But it wasn't me this timeXD

Let's see, so last Tuesday we actually went on a trainer/trainee exchange with the assistants to the president down in Fort Lauderdale. But instead of a normal exchange we both went down to Fort Lauderdale to see what a "model" area looks like. It was actually super helpful though; I learned a lot and have been really excited to apply a few different things here in Jup town! Except it was really weird switching from proselyting with a greenie who speaks limited English to a really boss missionary that's an assistant to the president. Quite the difference, but it was fun:)

Wednesday was a pretty good day. We found lots of potentials that we were super excited about, but in the end, they didn't really turn into anything which was disappointing:/

Thursday was a fun day though; we didn't really have any appointments, so we took Bro Alverson out with us to knock doors! He's this really cool guy that's down here for 6 months doing physical therapy, but basically once he's done, he doesn't really have much to do. So he offered to take us out tracting in the town homes that he and his family are staying at. Unfortunately, the HOA is a stickler there so we lasted about 3 doors before someone said we couldn't do that otherwise someone would call the cops on us... *sigh* As a missionary, HOA's are definitely on my hit list..."We're not soliciting, we're canvasing!" Enough said. But anyways after that he just took us around trying to contact less actives. We didn't really have any luck, but hey it was fun taking out a member for the night!

Friday is kind of a blur, I don't really remember much. Saturday was a pretty faith testing day...we were going around reminding all of our investigators/potentials about church and getting them "rounded up" for Sunday morning. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way and literally everyone dropped off saying that either they couldn't make it or didn't want to....but the miracle always comes after the trial of faith. So we decided to keep our faith high and pray for a miracle person to come to church Saturday night!

Well it turns out, WE GOT OUR MIRACLE INVESTIGATOR AT SACRAMENT MEETING! When we went to PEC Sunday morning, we found out that an older member had just randomly gotten married this last week and was going to be in attendance with his non member wife at church. SERIOUSLY? It was so awesome! But that's not all. So Donna (that's her name), was raised as a Methodist but has been a southern Baptist for a long time. Yet she is completely open, liked the church, and said that she wants to follow her husband. She had already done some research on that answered a lot of her questions about us, and when we taught her the Restoration she said that she had already heard it before, but that the review was good. Then, get this! Elder Angulo invited her to be baptized on the 22nd  of August, and her little response was, "Well you guys are going to have to tell me what I need to do to get baptized!" Pretty crazy right? So she accepted a date for the 22nd, and as far as I can tell, has been really prepared by the Lord. I guess sometimes when people in your area need more time to be ready, God sends in people from outside of your area who are ready haha! But ya basically Donna was an enormous miracle, and it's been a good reminder to me to never give up!

So ya that's pretty much what's up in Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens these days: miracles left and right! Now we just need to keep building and increasing our teaching pool!

Anyways that's all for this week, I hope that everyone enjoys their last week of summer! Love you all!

Elder Butterfield

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 50: Biking in the Rain

Hey Everyone!

Well, it's been another rainy week down here in Florida, but Elder Angulo and I didn't really let that stop us at least as much as we could avoid it! So last Tuesday was my second district training and it was on "The First Great Commandment" as well as charity. I think it turned out pretty well; the Spirit was super strong at the end so if anything that's a good sign! And it seems to have worked because each set of sisters has an investigator progressing toward a baptismal date which is pretty awesome! So so far so good. The Mighty Mujeres District is thriving!

Unfortunately, Elder Angulo and I weren't able to get anyone to church this last Sunday, but we sure tried! Tuesday night we found a really awesome Guatemalan family who accepted to come to church and to prepare to be baptized and such, and we were super excited! Sadly, we found out the next day that they don't have a car, which when there's no bus on Sunday and the church is 7 miles away, makes things a bit difficult:/ We tried to get them to ask their brother to take them, but then the next time we went over, they were home but didn't answer the door which was disappointing...but sometimes there's just only so much you can do. I mean some missionaries will coordinate member friends for people, but I've just never seen converts who depend on others for transportation stay retained and active, so Elder Angulo and I decided not to go that route.

Fortunately though, we received a really cool referral from a LA member who called us and asked us to dedicate his new apartment. Turns out to be this crazy situation where his roommate is a woman. They're not intimate or anything but still just a crazy situation...typical for Florida that's for sure:) Despite the craziness she really enjoyed the prayer, and they're going to have us over for dinner so that we can talk more about the Restoration with her! Her name is Danica, and she just seems really open and is looking for truth, so we will see how things go there!

As well, Elder Angulo and I also found a super less active guy named Julio from Guatemala Saturday night, and we passed by his house Sunday night. After a little bit of discussion, he pretty just opened up to us and said that we are welcome at his house any time and we are more than welcome to visit and talk with his non-member wife and children. It appears to be a really good opportunity to rescue Julio as well as baptize his wife and maybe his children. So long as his work schedule allows, we will be working with them this week and hopefully get them to church this week as well!

As for Marta, we were able to get in contact again and she has no hard feelings about us waking her up which is good. Unfortunately, she had to work yesterday even though she normally doesn't. So hopefully we follow up with her today as planned; otherwise we might have to move on soon.

But ya that's pretty much it for this week, lots of hard work and getting soaked on bikes in the rain, but we are still just looking for elect families to teach and bring to church. If we can do that, then everyone will be happy!

Anyways hope you all have a great week and enjoy your last bit of summer!

Elder Butterfield

The Mighty Mujeres District