Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 50: Biking in the Rain

Hey Everyone!

Well, it's been another rainy week down here in Florida, but Elder Angulo and I didn't really let that stop us at least as much as we could avoid it! So last Tuesday was my second district training and it was on "The First Great Commandment" as well as charity. I think it turned out pretty well; the Spirit was super strong at the end so if anything that's a good sign! And it seems to have worked because each set of sisters has an investigator progressing toward a baptismal date which is pretty awesome! So so far so good. The Mighty Mujeres District is thriving!

Unfortunately, Elder Angulo and I weren't able to get anyone to church this last Sunday, but we sure tried! Tuesday night we found a really awesome Guatemalan family who accepted to come to church and to prepare to be baptized and such, and we were super excited! Sadly, we found out the next day that they don't have a car, which when there's no bus on Sunday and the church is 7 miles away, makes things a bit difficult:/ We tried to get them to ask their brother to take them, but then the next time we went over, they were home but didn't answer the door which was disappointing...but sometimes there's just only so much you can do. I mean some missionaries will coordinate member friends for people, but I've just never seen converts who depend on others for transportation stay retained and active, so Elder Angulo and I decided not to go that route.

Fortunately though, we received a really cool referral from a LA member who called us and asked us to dedicate his new apartment. Turns out to be this crazy situation where his roommate is a woman. They're not intimate or anything but still just a crazy situation...typical for Florida that's for sure:) Despite the craziness she really enjoyed the prayer, and they're going to have us over for dinner so that we can talk more about the Restoration with her! Her name is Danica, and she just seems really open and is looking for truth, so we will see how things go there!

As well, Elder Angulo and I also found a super less active guy named Julio from Guatemala Saturday night, and we passed by his house Sunday night. After a little bit of discussion, he pretty just opened up to us and said that we are welcome at his house any time and we are more than welcome to visit and talk with his non-member wife and children. It appears to be a really good opportunity to rescue Julio as well as baptize his wife and maybe his children. So long as his work schedule allows, we will be working with them this week and hopefully get them to church this week as well!

As for Marta, we were able to get in contact again and she has no hard feelings about us waking her up which is good. Unfortunately, she had to work yesterday even though she normally doesn't. So hopefully we follow up with her today as planned; otherwise we might have to move on soon.

But ya that's pretty much it for this week, lots of hard work and getting soaked on bikes in the rain, but we are still just looking for elect families to teach and bring to church. If we can do that, then everyone will be happy!

Anyways hope you all have a great week and enjoy your last bit of summer!

Elder Butterfield

The Mighty Mujeres District

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