Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 51: A Miracle Investigator!!!

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was a pretty crazy one, as always, full of hard work, rain and the occasional bike crash:) But it wasn't me this timeXD

Let's see, so last Tuesday we actually went on a trainer/trainee exchange with the assistants to the president down in Fort Lauderdale. But instead of a normal exchange we both went down to Fort Lauderdale to see what a "model" area looks like. It was actually super helpful though; I learned a lot and have been really excited to apply a few different things here in Jup town! Except it was really weird switching from proselyting with a greenie who speaks limited English to a really boss missionary that's an assistant to the president. Quite the difference, but it was fun:)

Wednesday was a pretty good day. We found lots of potentials that we were super excited about, but in the end, they didn't really turn into anything which was disappointing:/

Thursday was a fun day though; we didn't really have any appointments, so we took Bro Alverson out with us to knock doors! He's this really cool guy that's down here for 6 months doing physical therapy, but basically once he's done, he doesn't really have much to do. So he offered to take us out tracting in the town homes that he and his family are staying at. Unfortunately, the HOA is a stickler there so we lasted about 3 doors before someone said we couldn't do that otherwise someone would call the cops on us... *sigh* As a missionary, HOA's are definitely on my hit list..."We're not soliciting, we're canvasing!" Enough said. But anyways after that he just took us around trying to contact less actives. We didn't really have any luck, but hey it was fun taking out a member for the night!

Friday is kind of a blur, I don't really remember much. Saturday was a pretty faith testing day...we were going around reminding all of our investigators/potentials about church and getting them "rounded up" for Sunday morning. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way and literally everyone dropped off saying that either they couldn't make it or didn't want to....but the miracle always comes after the trial of faith. So we decided to keep our faith high and pray for a miracle person to come to church Saturday night!

Well it turns out, WE GOT OUR MIRACLE INVESTIGATOR AT SACRAMENT MEETING! When we went to PEC Sunday morning, we found out that an older member had just randomly gotten married this last week and was going to be in attendance with his non member wife at church. SERIOUSLY? It was so awesome! But that's not all. So Donna (that's her name), was raised as a Methodist but has been a southern Baptist for a long time. Yet she is completely open, liked the church, and said that she wants to follow her husband. She had already done some research on that answered a lot of her questions about us, and when we taught her the Restoration she said that she had already heard it before, but that the review was good. Then, get this! Elder Angulo invited her to be baptized on the 22nd  of August, and her little response was, "Well you guys are going to have to tell me what I need to do to get baptized!" Pretty crazy right? So she accepted a date for the 22nd, and as far as I can tell, has been really prepared by the Lord. I guess sometimes when people in your area need more time to be ready, God sends in people from outside of your area who are ready haha! But ya basically Donna was an enormous miracle, and it's been a good reminder to me to never give up!

So ya that's pretty much what's up in Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens these days: miracles left and right! Now we just need to keep building and increasing our teaching pool!

Anyways that's all for this week, I hope that everyone enjoys their last week of summer! Love you all!

Elder Butterfield

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