Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 52: The Exhausted District Leader and Trainer

Hey everyone!

Well this week was pretty crazy just like any other week...also I'm EXHAUSTED. But hopefully that means I'm doing something right hehehe... :) Anyways so this last week I got pulled out of the area to exchange with the zone leaders on Tuesday, so Elder Angulo was freaking out about taking over the area! Honestly it was pretty funny to watch because Elder Lamb pretty much made me take over the area every single time he exchanged so I just thought it wasn't a big deal:)

Wednesday we knocked lots of doors and actually talked to lots of cool people but in the end we just weren't able to keep contact and turn them into investigators which was a bummer. But hey we ended the day by teaching Donna the plan of salvation with Stuart and Linda Pearson (ie: the members that used to live next to my cousin Jake Butterfield back in Utah, they're awesome!) We had a really great lesson and the Pearson's were able to testify of the importance of temple marriage, it was great! Not only that, but Donna had read the whole restoration pamphlet and looked up all the scriptures at the end! Because she had read it, she was concerned about church since she didn't have a dress or a skirt. Well Sister Pearson ended up getting one for her, how awesome is that? Talk about fellowship:)

Thursday was a slower day, just lots of knocking doors, a meal appointment with the Alverson family, and then missionary coordination meeting. Friday was also a bit of a slower day, but we started off the day with lunch at the Pearson's house so that was good! We also stopped by Ampara again to see how she was doing at the end of the night. Unfortunately not really much had changed with her, she was happy to see us but hadn't really given much thought to anything we had talked about or read or anything like that. But hey, hopefully some time in the future she will be ready!

Saturday was cool as we started out the day teaching Donna with the Relief Society President! The plan was to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Word of Wisdom, thinking that was the one potential hold up for her baptism. Well it turns out, she's already been living the Word of Wisdom pretty much her whole life! She just said she saw how dependent her parents were on coffee and so she never wanted to drink it herself. So I thought that was pretty cool! We moved her date back to the 29th of August though just because she's a little hard of hearing and she can't read small print very well so just thought it would be good to have a bit more time to teach to understanding and such. But overall she is doing awesome and excited for her baptism on the 29th, so Elder Angulo and I are pumped for that!

Something cool that Donna mentioned as well was that we were talking about the Spirit and gifts of the Spirit in Gospel Principles. And she mentioned how she had to rely on the Spirit and pray to God if she should marry Monty, especially given how quick they got married. But she sincerely felt that it was right and so she went with it. And I honestly believe that she's been guided here as well, I haven't taught anyone this prepared since Rebeca. The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways and not the way we think, but He does work miracles. No doubt about that.

So that's pretty much it for the week! Training a new missionary and being a district leader is pretty exhausting...and the language barrier has been pretty tough sometimes, but I'm just trying to remember and emulate how patient Elder Lamb was with me and trust that it will all work out somehow. I'm definitely not very good at it, but hopefully with the Savior's help that will change. I guess I'm just one of those people that has to be given responsibility to grow instead of just growing on my own...hopefully I'll get that figured out sooner rather than later;)

Well love you all and have a great week back at school!

Elder Butterfield

Playing water balloon capture the flag with McKay's district and zone leaders!

McKay and Elder Angulo placed a Book of Mormon in a free library that they found. :)

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