Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 53: What Day Is It? HUMP DAY!!!

Hey Everyone!

Whelp, one year down one to go...which basically means I've been out on my mission for a long time and still have a long time to go hahaha:) Honestly, a pretty weird feeling though, especially thinking that I was in the MTC a year ago. Time flies...but sometimes it flies faster than other times XD

Reminiscing aside, Donna is still doing amazing! She's probably the most prepared person I've ever taught on my mission. This last week we taught her the commandments and such in order to help her prepare for her baptism. Except taught isn't really the right word, it was more of a review than anything. Basically the only new things we've taught her have been the Word of Wisdom and the Restoration. She pretty much knows everything else, probably better than I do! So it has been a real pleasure to teach her about every other day in prep for her baptism this Saturday! She pretty much is good to go as it stands. Her interview is scheduled for Wednesday and we've gone over the questions with her like 3 times at her request so we know she really is taking this step seriously!

I think my favorite experience with her was something she said either Tuesday or Thursday. We showed up to her house and before we said anything she told us.

     "So about my baptism, it's the 29th right?"
     "Oh, well good. I just don't want to delay it any longer so that I can get started on my year to go to the temple and get married there."

So cool right? And it just made me realize that somebody really can be baptized in two or three weeks if that's what the Lord wants. It's not impossible or unacceptable, but completely ok and doable if the person is ready! So that was just a really cool experience for me and a huge faith builder! I just hope I'll be able to come back and see her and Monty get sealed after the mission!

So that was the excitement of the week:) Unfortunately, we don't really have any other solid investigators we're working with at the moment; it was a bit of a rough week knocking doors wise. But hey we have some ideas of how we're gonna change to do better this week so with enough work and faith then that problem will be fixed in no time:) That's honestly pretty much it for this week though, just reviewing the commandments with Donna so that she can get dunked this Saturday. Should be a pretty special day, Elder Angulo is pretty excited for his first baptism!

Well hopefully you all have a good first week of school. Love you all lots!

Elder Butterfield

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