Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 54: A tropical storm, a baptism, and a mailbox . . . What a week!

Hey Everyone!

Well, what a crazy week it has been... Tropical Storm Erika gave everyone a scare and then wimped out, I did my first baptismal interview, and also Donna got baptized!!! Now for the details:D

Let's see... So last Tuesday night I managed to hit a mailbox and scrape up the bumper of the car which sucked...Fortunately the damage wasn't too bad, and I'm still driving for the moment so that's good news! But ya not fun to make that phone call to the vehicle coordinator XD In my defense though there aren't any street lights in that neighborhood! Also President Richardson told my in his email this week "Watch out for those mailboxes...!" He's definitely got a good sense of humor XD

Anyways, so stupidity aside, Wednesday was Donna's baptismal interview and she passed with flying colors which was awesome! Then after that I actually went to do my first baptismal interview for the Port Saint Lucy sisters! Basically they had a miracle where they were finally able to make the arrangements for a 9 year old girl to be baptized which was pretty cool! Doing an interview was pretty weird though. I felt super unprepared. Fortunately, it was a 9 year old girl and not anyone more difficult! But now that I have the first one in my belt hopefully the rest will be a bit easier and a bit less stressful:) Later on Wednesday we found a really awesome lady named Diamond who wanted to be baptized! We taught her a few lessons and she was doing alright but she just has no way to get to church and we're lucky to get member rides for the recent converts in the area so it looks like we won't be able to teach her for much longer which is sad:(

Nothing too memorable to report for Thursday or Friday (except the threat of Erika, but she wimped out and dissolved fortunately!), but Saturday was the baptism! So basically we had coordinated with the ward a lot for the baptism and so we though we had planned everything out pretty well! But of course there can't ever be a baptism without stress so when Donna got there at 1:15 (the service was at 2:00) we discovered that none of the baptismal clothing fit. NIGHTMARE OF THE CENTURY!! So then we started making phone calls, and fortunately a member came through with a white dress that fit at about 2:30, so the show went on! Well then we got to the baptism which her husband Monty would be performing. Now Monty has palsy, so Elder Angulo went in as backup, but it still took about 4 times for her to get all the way under. SO STRESSFUL!

Fortunately after the service was over Donna came over and thanked us so much for helping her and said that she "felt like a million bucks!", which made all the stress and craziness worth it! And it was also a good reminder that this is all about helping people find true happiness by coming closer unto Jesus Christ. So it was a great feel good/reminder moment:) The confirmation went much smoother on Sunday which was good. I was able to do it which was a first! And that was pretty much the highlight of the week, Donna's baptism and confirmation!

Also transfer calls were last night if you can believe it...! And it looks like 4 transfers in Jupiter South 4 the win! I get to finish training Elder Angulo which is good:)

So ya that's pretty much it. Just grateful for the baptism and that the storm missed us. Woohoo! Also I just remembered that when we were out knocking doors one night, some lady out and about passed us twice and told us,

"Nice butt, whoo whoo!". So there's that XD

Elder Butterfield

Donna and Monty

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