Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 55: A Difficult Week . . .

Hey Everyone!

Well this last week was a bit of a roller coaster. Transfers were Wednesday and even though we didn't go Elder Angulo and I had someone put their phone on speaker so that we could hear the read out! Definitely couldn't hear everything perfectly, but it was better than nothing!

After we got out of the house, we of course went out on the hunt for some new people to teach. And we actually found and taught some pretty cool people on the spot, but of course Satan had to find a way to ruin our day and so someone tried to steal our bikes! And they were locked up on a main street with cars going by to. The good news is they didn't get them, but they wrecked my security cable and got about 1/3 of the way through Elder Angulo's lock. I couldn't believe it. Check out the pics. Fortunately the mailman told someone and they came and told us so we got our bikes back in one piece which is good. Much better than last time:)

Before that though, we walked up to man named Ken who had just come out for a smoke and asked if we could share a prayer with him. He consented and told us that we should pray that he could find the truth. What was really crazy is he got super emotional as he said, and this was just moments after we had met him. I was very surprised, but it's been a testimony to me that God puts people in our path. Unfortunately he went out of town and we haven't been able to follow up on his reading in the Book of Mormon, but it was still a really cool spiritual experience!

Thursday was a bit more calm, I gave a district training on better planning and then we knocked some doors and tried to follow up with some media referrals we had received. Not too many fruits on Thursday but hey we tried!

Friday we pretty much got destroyed by rain and lightning so we didn't get as much done as we would've liked. So it goes though. We got to see Donna finally and she seems to be doing great still, she enjoyed church on Sunday so that was good!

Saturday was lots of running around. We met lots of nice people, but just no one that was interested in hearing what we have to say:/ 

Sunday we didn't get anyone to church, but we had an exciting visit with a member. The Rhodes family just moved in a few months ago and Brother Rhodes is an rm that knows how to share the Gospel! So they have lots of people in mind and are trying to get us a referral by the end of the month, which is super awesome! They're probably the most proactive member missionaries I've ever met! So hopefully some good comes from that:)

Monday was another district training and then knocking doors, unfortunately nothing to report.

That's pretty much it, it was a difficult week to say the least. But I'm really trying to increase my faith in finding and that another miracle like Rebeca and Donna will show up. There's gotta be some reason I've been in Jupiter for so long!!!

Love y'all,
Elder Butterfield

Bike thieves at it again!

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