Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 58: The Elect Investigator

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the grumpy update last week...some weeks are like that haha. But the good news is that this week was much better! Susanna has continued to progress and learn very rapidly!!!! If there is one thing I've learned on my mission is that this work is all about the Lord's timing! Really though she is doing awesome and should be getting baptized this Wednesday!

Basically this last week we taught her all of the commandments and she pretty much accepted all of them. She had been a tea drinker and wanted to know why at first, but accepted our explanation that if God created our bodies than he knows what is best for them! Plus I'm sure the fact that she reads all the pamphlets we give her and the Book of Mormon helps as well :) I love teaching ELECT investigators that actually keep their commitments! It's the greatest:)

Some of the highlights from teaching Susanna this week included her telling us that she has made firm decision to be baptized and that her husband is ok with it. As well one experience that touched my heart was when we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her Saturday afternoon. We asked her  if she believes that the Church and the Gospel have been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. She told us yes, so we asked her how she had come to know that. She replied simply as if the answer were obvious "The Book of Mormon". Seriously it made me so happy to hear that because I always try to drill in people's heads that the Book of Mormon is the way to know but so few people listen. So it was pretty much music to my ears and confirmed to us that she is doing this for the right reasons:) Also we had a ward member invite her to the women's broadcast Saturday night and she went which was awesome. She is an amazing woman, she reminds me a lot of Rebeca! So that's pretty much it for her, she will be getting baptized Wednesday night at 8:00 PM :D

Other than Susanna, we honestly just knocked a crapton of doors this week. Sometimes it goes like that, but I've just realized that if you don't go talk with people or knock on their door than the answer is already no. So that's really helped me to keep pushing on. Which actually led us to another awesome miracle Sunday night!

So we've been going to a new area which many a missionary has worked before, but in my 6 months here I've pretty much tried everywhere else they'll let us in:) So we went over there Saturday, nothing. And Sunday after church pretty much nothing too. Until we find this anti lady who wanted to bible bash with us like crazy. She was telling how Joseph Smith was a false prophet and the Bible is complete etc etc. Except when I asked her about the lost books of scripture in the Bible, she wouldn't listen but then procedes to bash about grace in Ephesians. By this point it was obvious she wasn't listening and the Spirit would leave us if we stayed so we just walked away. And boy am I grateful we did because not 10 minutes later we offered to help a Haitian man taking his garbage can out to the street and he asks us if we're mormons. We tell him yes and then he immediately tells us that he needs a "mormon bible" (Book of Mormon). Apparently he had met with the missionaries in Paut Au Prince but things didn't work out, lost his Book of Mormon and contact with the church. But ever since he got to the States he's been looking for us! He also told us that he doesn't care about religion, just finding the truth! So fortunately we have a book of Mormon in French at the apartment and we will go give it to him Wednesday so we can get this man and his family ready for baptism. It was so cool to see another person in our area that has been searching for the truth but just didn't know where to find it! Good stuff.

Well that's pretty much it for this week, just excited for the baptism and general conference! Not to mention I have to work my butt off here since it could be my last couple weeks here! We shall see.
love y'all,
Elder Butterfield

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