Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 59: Susana Gets Dunked!

Hey Everyone!
Another crazy and unpredictable week, but it was a good one:) Well first off, Susana's baptism went through and it was awesome! Most of the Spanish speaking members came out to support her and of course her member friend Yanette was there for her and a huge help! It was super funny, when we were taking the pictures, Yanette said, "Otra victima" which means, "another victim." At first, I was horrified, but then I laughed my head off. It's like one of the things we would never say as missionaries, even though we want to, but then a member just said it for us. Hahaha:)
One cool thing was seeing how Susana felt after receiving the Holy Ghost. She was super nervous before the service (understandably so; her husband and son didn't come :/ ), but afterwards she felt good and said she felt peace, which is exactly how she should feel, so that was good! Admittedly, it was a little bitter sweet for her since her family didn't come to support her, but hopefully in the future they'll come around! In the meantime, she is solid and is being a modern day pioneer which is pretty cool! She even came to conference at the church on Sunday, so we listened to the morning session of conference in Spanish with her :D
In other news, besides baptism news, which almost feels unnecessary... ;) Let's see. Well, to report on Brunel, we got him his Book of Mormon in French by dropping it off at his house, but we just weren't able to catch him at his house to teach him the Restoration. He works a lot at Home Depot and despite many phone calls things just didn't work out...but hey, that does happen every once in a blue moon, and only once a blue moon ;)
Honestly, the story of Brunel is pretty much the story of everyone else we met this week. We found a lot of cool people at the beginning, but then the return appointment fell through and we were never able to catch them again. We did teach a cool guy named Ozzie, but he hasn't really kept any of his commitments so he'll be getting a drop talk I think.
And other than that, we pretty much just enjoyed general conference for the rest of the weekend! A fun thing this past week is since Elder Angulo and I have been in the more "ghetto" part of our area, we've been able to do a lot more street contacting and opening our mouths to talk to people out and about, which has been lots more fun than endlessly knocking doors. So I'm really hoping we'll see some fruits from that this week!
That's pretty much it for this week-- just excited for Susana and I'm going to work my butt off and assume I'm staying in Jupiter for a 5th transfer next week. I'm just worried because I kind of like it here a lot now, which usually brings a transfer....We shall see. Maybe I'll squeeze it out of President in interviews this weekend;)
Well that's pretty much it for Elder Angulo and me. Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Butterfield

McKay, Susana, and Elder Angulo

The Mighty Mujeres District

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