Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 63: A Calmer Week...

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was just a bit calmer than the week before--still crazy enough, but just a bit calmer :)

So Monday night we had a cool family home evening with the Medal family. They had invited three of their non member family members over and it went pretty well. Unfortunately, two live outside of the stake so there's no way that we can teach them, but the family night went pretty well. We didn't a get whole lot of time to talk/teach, but hey we sat down with non members/investigators! That's a huge step up from any of my other areas already!

Tuesday we got wrecked a bit knocking lots of doors and then we had our correlation meeting. Also while we were knocking doors,  someone stabbed Elder Mears tire with a knife or something so that really messed up the night. For some reason they only stabbed one and didn't touch my bike though. Tender Mercies right?? And just another bike problem story to add to the list hahahaha!

Wednesday was District Training, and then we got Elder Mears' bike fixed, knocked lots of doors, had a return appointment bail out on us, and then we went to see Claudia and Amilcar! Theyr'e still doing awesome! We actually had planned to go finish the Plan of Salvation with them, but then we ended up being guided to go over the Book of Mormon. It turned out really well; they both ended up reading and love it a lot so far! Really golden people--just gotta get Amilcar's divorce to go through and get them married.

Thursday turned out to be really great day. We actually visited two members and got referrals from both of them! That's pretty much the first time in my mission I've received referrals that easily.  It was an amazing feeling!

Friday was a pretty interesting day. So in my district I have a set of Haitian Creole speaking missionaries, but I still have to go on exchanges with them. So I brought one of them into my area (It's funny I say my area, but we share the exact same geographical area. They just work the Haitian parts and we do Spanish haha) which means I had to do ALL the contacting and teaching. It was pretty exhausting and a different experience. But hey we ended the night with Claudia and Amilcar and took the Branch President over with us to teach them. It was a great visit, and we were able to finish the Plan of Salvation as well as talk about eternal marriage!

Saturday was pretty weird (go figure). Besides knocking doors and contacting formers, we actually had a lesson set up with a lady named Juana. Her husband wasn't home when we arrived so we just started to teach her the Restoration and she was super prepared and had been dreaming that Christ had been telling her He was going to change her life! Well, right in the middle of the first vision, her husband showed up and interrupted the lesson. He was actually pretty nice though; he let us in and we sat down. But they didn't have much time so really basically revised the parts he had missed and then finished the first vision. After, we invited them to be baptized. Well Juana was nodding her head yes and said "Si." She wanted to come to church and everything. Unfortunately, her husband was a bit more skeptical and said they would have to talk about it, that they had our info and they would "call us" which in missionary work is really just the nice way of saying no. So that was a huge letdown, but we'll try to get back in touch sometime and see what happens because she was so prepared!

As for Sunday, Claudia and Amilcar didn't make it to church because they had a family emergency come up, but hey that stuff happens. Fortunately, it sounds like everything is still okay.  We're going to see them Wednesday night, and even though we didn't help anyone come to church, a member brought his non member brother and his family to church because they were having him bless their baby! So the Branch President was on top of everything, said that he had already talked to them about us coming over and bringing a "Finding Faith in Christ DVD" as well as to sharing a short message. So all we had to go was go over there to introduce ourselves and set up the time! This place is seriously the best. I just hope I can keep up everything and keep fueling the fire!

So anyways that's pretty much it for this week.  I love the area and love my new comp. Just really trying hard to live up to what's expected of me here in this branch!

Also, for those wondering about Halloween, we couldn't have a sleepover because President Richardson said no to the whole mission on that, but since the Assistants to the President live like 5 minutes away from us, we went over to their house from 7:00-9:00 PM and deep fried chicken wings. It was pretty great!

Well love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Butterfield

McKay and Elder Mears

Ward Party

Ward Party

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