Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 64: A Priesthood Blessing

Hey Everyone!

Well, this last week was a super awesome busy one! Elder Mears and I picked up a couple of new investigators and even got one of them to church! Really great stuff, all except for Friday anyways. I'll get to that though:)

So let's see, Tuesday I had district training and then ended up going on exchanges with the Riverside Park North Elders. I went to the area just North of us with Elder Willhite which was pretty fun. Nothing too crazy happened, just knocked some doors and then some return appointments fell through, but we did find a cool referral for some other missionaries! Wednesday was kind of an ehh day, basically just knocked doors, did what we call fire exchanges (where my comp and I both go into another companionship's area and exchange for an hour to knock doors-- kind a blitz approach.) So I went with Elder Reed, and Elder Mears went with Elder Wardle. Unfortunately, not to much happened, but hey it was worth a shot! After that we knocked some more doors and found some really awesome potentials. Then after we went to go visit Claudia and Amilcar who are still doing great!

Thursday we went to go follow up with our Cuban friend Jaime, and he's awesome! We taught him the Restoration, and he accepted to be baptized and come to church, read the BofM etc. Keep in mind he had just had surgery on Wednesday, but told us "Dios Primero" or "God first". He's in a pretty humble living situation, but he's been searching for God and it seems his heart is in the right place. We also went to follow up with a woman from Mexico we found Wednesday, took a brother over with us, and had a super spiritual lesson! She just talked about how she felt good when we prayed with her on Wednesday; some difficult things were going on but she felt this was going to help her. Well, she committed to come to church and then offered the closing prayer and began to cry as she prayed to God. And that was a wrap for Thursday!

Friday really sucked though.......I woke up feeling awful and with a 100.5 fever. So we got stuck in the house all day Friday which was a big bummer because we had so many good appointments scheduled, but oh well... Fortunately with a Priesthood blessing I was already back out without a fever Saturday morning!

Saturday we finished 3 Nephi: 11 with Martina and she understood all of it, the need to be baptized the proper way with the proper authority, everything. So we invited her to be baptized. She didn't really give us a solid answer, but said she wanted to come to church. Unfortunately, she got called to work and didn't make it:/ She said for sure next Sunday though. We shall see... Jaime was having a pretty rough go Saturday with his surgery recovery so we talked about the  Atonement and then felt prompted to talk about Priesthood blessings to him. We followed the prompting and then asked if he would like a blessing, and then we gave him one which was a neat experience.

Sunday morning came around, so went to go round up our investigators for church. Well, we go to make sure Jaime is coming, and when we get there he was already sitting out by his car dressed in a white shirt and everything! That was really cool to see. So he came to church and then Claudia and Amilcar came also. Unfortunately Jaime had to leave early because of post surgery pain, but hey he came for the sacrament and the first talk. I was impressed!

That was basically the week. Jaime is praying about a baptismal date for the 21 of November, and Amilcar is hoping his divorce only takes about a month. So we'll see what happens!

Also I guess some have wondered why we invite people to be baptized so soon here in our mission? To give some background, the 12 week program for new missionaries teaches us to invite our investigators to be baptized on a specific date--no later than the 2nd lesson. And that's something church wide! We just do it a little bit earlier sometimes because that's the revelation that's been received for the mission and the mission President and the area authorities are well aware of what we do...So maybe that seems kind of soon for some, but then again our mission baptized 83 in October. People don't change unless they're invited to, so it's just easier to set that expectation from the beginning. So hopefully that kind of answers that question or concern...!

Well, love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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