Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 65: Tracting the Trailer Park

Hey Everyone!

Well, this week was a super exhausting one, but I would say lots of good things are happening for sure! All this biking is killing me though; I don't think I've ever biked so much in my life! Basically the Spanish speakers are scattered all throughout Fort Lauderdale, so between teaching recent converts, investigators, and contacting new people, we are all over the place! Probably an average of 10 miles a day or so. Which I know isn't a lot compared to some missions, but it's been an adjustment for me and I've pretty much been on bike my whole mission!

Anyways, let me see if I can give some of the highlights here...So first off our Cuban investigator Jaime is getting better each and everyday! He's still recovering from his surgery and has had some pretty rough gos this past week, but just like any Cuban he's tough and still fighting at 72 years old. (By the way, random fact I found out this week. Cuba is now open to proselyting, but only Cuban missionaries can proselyte there. Crazy huh? Apparently President Richardson fought super hard to have it be part of our mission according to Sister Richardson XD Just thought that was pretty cool!) So basically he came to church for the full three hours this week! It was hard for him, but he toughed it out! Also we taught him the Word of Wisdom this last week and he's working hard trying to get off those Cuban cigars and Cuban coffee, which are both ridiculously strong for those not familiar with Cuban culture. But hey, he's gone down from smoking 40 mini cuban cigars a day to like 5. I think that's pretty good! The biggest thing he needs right now is a member friend; it's been hard getting members out this last week. If we can get a member friend to take him under their wing, then he'll be getting baptized the 28th of November! He smoked Sunday, so we talked to him about it and he believes that the 28th is possible and agreed to prepare for it. So that's what we're going for! He's a really great guy, already knows the church is true and wants to put God first. So please pray that he'll be able to live the Word of Wisdom!

Also, Claudia and Amilcar are doing pretty well. They basically accept everything we teach, it's just their whole marriage situation. The good news is that our branch president here is a homie who gets work done! So he's personally helping them get everything figured out! The bad news is he's been out of town this last week and doesn't get back til Sunday. Plus Amilcar's ex wife is potentially holding things up...we shall see. I just really hope I get to see them baptized. I'll be really sad if I don't!

Another cool miracle we saw this week was Monica! So we found Monica braving the trailer parks of Fort Lauderdale.(Side note: we were trailer park warriors this past week. We were having a difficult time finding Spanish speaking people, and we knew we could find them in trailer parks so we went there. Also while in one, somebody went to pull a shotgun on us at the door, but then put it down when they saw it was us. Gotta love Florida:) Monica was actually pretty cool. She literally just told us about how she wanted to change her life and become a new person. Needless to say, we jumped all over that! She currently attends the Catholic church, but we invited her to come visit us this Sunday and she happily agreed! Unfortunately, when we went back for the return appointment, her husband didn't really want to talk to us and so we left her with a Book of Mormon and said we would call to remind her about church. This was all Friday. Fortunately, Elder Mears remembered to call her and she actually came! She showed up about halfway through Sacrament Meeting and then had to leave during Gospel Principles, but she came and she said she liked it! Funnily enough, Claudia and Amilcar knew her from when they went to the Catholic church. We went to follow up with her yesterday, and she didn't accept the challenge to be baptized just yet because she wants to learn a bit more. But hey that's cool. We're going to see her Tuesday to better explain the Restoration and everything else!

So ya, basically been a really good week! This really is the first area where God has allowed me to bring people to church through my own finding efforts and it's been really cool. I'm planning on keeping that up:)

That's pretty much it for this week though, just super excited and working really hard to help these people get on the road to the temple! Hoping to see even more cool miracles and more people in the coming week:)

Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

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