Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 67: Have You Seen Dompa?

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It was pretty relaxed here--nothing too crazy, but, hey, we managed to eat lots of turkey in a Spanish ward so that's a pretty big accomplishment:) We didn't end up going to contact people on Black Friday just because Latinos don't do that stuff as much and plus we didn't want to get chased away by the cops or employees or whatever. Oh well!

Anyways, this last week has been a pretty interesting one. Wednesday I went on an exchange with the other Spanish elders in the district which was pretty fun but also pretty routine. Nothing too crazy unfortunately:/ And of course Thursday was Thanksgiving, but we had to do our weekly planning on Thanksgiving since Transfer meeting on Wednesday bumped our district training to Friday. But after weekly planning we went out and knocked doors for a couple hours; we didn't find too many Latinos though. Everyone was too busy giving thanks and stuffing their faces to pray with us haha! But we had a super good Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, rice, and mashed potatoes. Pretty good stuff:)

Friday was a pretty crazy day for us. We had district training in the morning. Cool random note is that Elder Allen who served in the other area of the Jupiter ward when I was there is now zone leader here in my zone so it's pretty cool to be around him again. He's hilarious! That being said we did a lot more finding on Friday. Not really many interested people, but a crazy miracle to end the night. So the other elders in the branch had a baptism Friday night. We were headed over to the baptism at about 6:30 and pulled into the church parking lot on our bikes. Well, all of the sudden, Elder Mears looks over and sees a cat and asks me, "Is that Dompa?" So back story to this--some guy lost his cat named Dompa in the neighborhood of the church and was offering a $1000 reward for whoever found his cat. We knew he was serious about it because he had actually handed us a lost cat flyer a week before at the church. Well, we ended up hanging the flyer up in our apartment and so we recognized the cat super easily. So anyways we ran over to the nearest sign, called the guy, and he came flying over, got out of his car and shook a thing of food. Well, it was definitely Dompa because the cat came right out! Juaquim (he's from Brazil) was SO happy! He wanted us to follow him home for the reward, but we turned it down and just asked for a return appointment instead. So that was a pretty cool experience.  He was super grateful, and we were able to be an answer to someone's prayers though not in the way we expected to say the least:) Anyways he's an artist and was going to Colorado on Saturday, but he's going to take us out to lunch Wednesday and we'll see what happens!

As well, we had a cool miracle Saturday night. Basically all of our plans fell through, and so we decided to knock a few doors at 8:30 at night. Well, after a long day of rejections, the last door we knocked on accepted us immediately! It was a couple from Nicaragua, Glennys and Eugenio. Basically Eugenios mother had just been buried in Nicaragua at 9:00 am that morning, and they had been praying for comfort and someone to pray with them, and then we showed up at their door! We taught a really basic restoration and they understood it! They didn't make it to church yesterday since Eugenio had to work, but it was such a spiritually powerful experience that we're going to ride this one out and see what happens!

So those were a few tender mercies of the Lord this week. Unfortunately, our teaching pool needs a bit of refreshing since Claudia, Amilcar, and Jaime have all basically been taught everything and understand it, just working out situations for living different commandments. None of them were feeling well and so they didn't make it to church, but some good news is that Jaime has been able to quit Cuban coffee! For those who aren't familiar, Cuban coffee is pretty much the strongest coffee out there. So that's a big deal! Now he just needs to ditch the cigars, so we're going to try and have the members give him some addiction recovery classes and see what happens.

Anyways that's pretty much it for this week though, just trying to stay strong and find more of those people that need to hear my voice. One cool thing is that Elder Mears and I decided that with the new holiday video, we're going to focus on using that and our testimonies of Jesus Christ. So hopefully some cool stories will result from that this coming week!

Well Love you all, have an awesome week!
Elder Butterfield

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