Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 68: Elder Butterfield Turns 20!

Hey Everyone!

Well I turned 20 this week, so that's pretty weird......still not quite sure how to feel about that one hahaha! I just follow Greg South's advice, "I'll always be 12 years old at heart no matter what age my body tries to become..." :)

Anyways, I'll just be honest this week was a pretty slow one. All of our cool investigators had kind of started to slow down when I wrote last week, and they pretty much just all dropped off this last week for one reason or another. It's not so much that things ended on a bad note, but they pretty much just stopped progressing to the point that we can't really help them at the moment. That's a pretty big bummer, but that happens sometimes.

And of course it would happen right as a four day long rain storm came into Florida! Needless to say, we got pretty wet on our bikes this week. Hence the pictures of me taking a shower completely dressed in my proselyting clothes haha. I was literally that wet at the end of the night that it just didn't even make a difference... #GetBaptismsOrGetPneumoniaTrying!!!!

But hey I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise because a lot more people were in their homes, especially Spanish speaking people. So we were able to contact a lot of people this week, just no luck in bringing anyone to church:/ We taught Glennys and Eugene a few more times, but we just weren't able to help them make the commitment to come to church, so that was a bit disappointing.

Despite all of the difficulties and rain this week though, the good news is the branch is doing a missionary activity this week! Basically it will be an open house type deal where members will talk about the Plan of Salvation! It's shaping up to be really cool, and so Elder Mears and are doing all we can to get the members excited about it and invite people. Plus, with all the knocking we did and not being able to find a whole lot of Spanish speaking people, we decided we are going to focus on training the members to help them do missionary work as well. So we're hoping that as we do that and continue our personal contacting then we will have a more successful week!

That's pretty much it though. We're just trying to figure out what we need to change to be the missionaries the Lord wants us to be.

That's about it for this week.  Hope that you all have an awesome week!

Elder Butterfield

PS: Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes, Y'all are the best!

Happy Birthday McKay!

A shower after a rain shower!

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