Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 69: A DVD Miracle

Hey everyone!

Well this week was a...unique one! Basically Elder Mears and I focused a lot of our efforts in getting people to the Plan of Salvation open house that the branch did on Saturday. We worked a lot with the members on inviting people to come as well as inviting people in our own efforts to come. Heck, our branch President Presidente Calevoso even took us out to the local grocery stores to contact people and pass out invitations. Lemme just say, I don't know of many Bishops/Branch Presidents that are willing to do that, let alone that would volunteer to. He's a great guy! Unfortunately though when push came to shove, only 6 non members came to the open house :/ 3 of them were Claudia, Amilcar and Jaime, our eternigators. And then the other 3 were people that the members had brought but that live outside of the branch boundaries in another stake. But hey we passed those referrals off so hopefully something happens with them! So unfortunately the activity didn't turn out quite how we were hoping it would, but it definitely wasn't for lack of effort on our part or the branch. Just didn't work out this time. But hey, just means we need to attack things from a different angle now!

That being said, there were still some pretty cool highlights this week! For one, Monday night we met a Catholic lady named Gloria who invited us to come back over Tuesday early in the afternoon. So we went over the next day, shared the Restoration with her and she understood it pretty well. She offered such a sincere prayer at the end asking God to let her know if she needed to change religion. She ended up dropping us, but the prayer was so sincere and special that it was worth sharing!

Then Thursday, Hermana Posas made me baleadas (It's a food from Honduras, so GOOOOOOOD!) and then two of her non member friends made me cakes one of which was Claudia! So that was super fun and at the same time productive :) We had actually taught both of the friends she had over about the Restoration, but we just ended up doing a Christmas message and a mini testimony meeting which was pretty powerful. No amazing progress to report, but still good.

As well Thursday night we saw a super big miracle!!! So awhile back on an exchange with one of the Elders that speaks Haitian Creole, we had stopped by to visit a Less Active member on the list that we didn't know. Well it turns out the member had moved out a long time ago (Which is pretty typical in Florida), but I ended up talking to a Cuban man for a moment, gave him a card and didn't really think much of it.

Thursday night we were out knocking doors and all of a sudden we got a referral for a Finding Faith in Christ DVD just a couple streets away from where we were knocking doors. We didn't have the DVD, but went over to set up another time to come back with the DVD. Well the address looked familiar and sure enough when we got there it was the house we had visited to contact the Less Active member. Well we knock on the door, he invites us right on in. Said he had visited the church website, studied a bit, called the phone number for the DVD and had been waiting for us to show up. So crazy because people NEVER call the number, and even crazier since I was the one who handed him the card. It gets better though. So Elder Mears went to teach him the next day since I was doing an exchange to perform a baptismal interview. Well basically this man is a member of another Christian church, but he accepted the message of the Restoration and the invitation to be baptized! Talk about miracles! Unfortunately he had to go out of town to take care of his sick daughter, but he'll be back next week! Super cool stuff!

Then Friday like I said, did an exchange with the Creole Elders which is always an adventure since I don't speak Haitian Creole but fun nonetheless:) Saturday was the activity, and then Sunday we actually had a cool experience as well.

So we had decided to go visit a member family to make a family mission plan with them. Well we show up at their house at 7:30 Sunday night and they have a house full of 2 non member families for us to teach! It was crazy, again stuff like that never happens! So we taught them the Restoration, and three had already heard it before but for one of them it was the first time and he was super excited to read the Book of Mormon! Unfortunately, they all lived outside of the branch boundaries, but teaching member referrals is always a really fun experience:)

Anyways that's a lot for this week, but it was an ok week. We didn't get any investigators to church this week, so back to square 1 but with faith anything is possible! Also Friday with JustServe starting in the mission we went to sort food at a local food operation for low income families for a couple of hours in the early afternoon which was pretty fun!

That's all for this week, have a great week everyone!

Elder Butterfield

McKay and Elder Mears enjoying the Baleadas made by Hermana Posas.

McKay's Star Wars watch that he picked out for his birthday. He really is a 12 year old at heart!

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