Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 70: Have a Merry Christmas!

Hey Everyone!

Hope that you are all excited for Christmas! I've barely even had time to think about it--haha. I think I've seen, heard and thought about Star Wars more than Christmas lately...not sure how to feel about that!XD

Anyways this last week was rough in that we've had a pretty hard time finding Spanish speaking people in general, let alone those that have been prepared for us and interested. But we didn't let that stop us from working our butts off:)

That being said though,there were two big miracles I would like to share with you all! The first was actually Monday night. We had felt like we should go back to a neighborhood we hadn't been to in awhile. Well, about the third door we knocked on the street we had chosen, we met Vladimir and Yosleini, a couple from Cuba! They invited us right in with hesitation, and we were able to share the message of the Restoration with them! Vladimir actually already goes to a church and feels good there, but Yosleini is looking for the true church. She's been to many churches, but just never felt like she's been in the right one. So she was super excited when we talked about everything and gave her a Book of Mormon to read. What's really interesting about teaching them is that they both grew up in Cuba, and  they were never religious until they came here to Florida. But it was just great to see Yosleini eyes filled with newfound hope of finding the right church!

That being said she's a very busy woman and works like crazy, so it's been really hard to be able to teach her again, but if all goes well tonight we should finally be able to get back in and share more. We've definitely got our fingers crossed for them!

As well, Saturday we were out knocking doors and we saw a huge miracle with a young man named Jose! It was pretty funny, we were in a new neighborhood where we hadn't been before trying to find if any Spanish speaking people lived there. We were asking the English speaking neighbors if they knew anyone we could practice Spanish with. Well, sure enough, a man told us about a house where they spoke Spanish, but that they were terrible "gangsters", awful neighbors, and it wouldn't be worth our time. In fact, he told us that we should only go there if we wanted someone to test our patience. But hey, the church is a hospital for sinners right?!?! So we went over, and sure enough, a rough looking 20 year old named Jose answered the door. He turned out to be the most interested person we talked to all day!! He actually rode his bike over to church on Sunday all on his own! So that was a huge miracle, and a pretty funny one if I do say so myself. Never judge who is ready to receive the Gospel! We have to give people the chance to accept it so they can exercise their agency!

Despite how awesome Jose is, he was actually born here in America and although he speaks Spanish, he told us English is better for him as far as understanding. So we had to pass him over to the Assistants to the President who teach the English speakers in our area. Definitely a bummer, but we're all on the same team right?

Other than that Elder Mears and I knocked lots of doors, worked a lot with the members, and trained them on how to do missionary work. We even got a part member family referral we're going to see on Christmas which should be good :) We also did lots of role plays, where we basically had the members act out how they're going to share the gospel. It's really fun making them do awkward things like roleplays, but it actually also helps a lot. So just good all around:)

That's pretty much it for this week though, hope that you all have a very merry Christmas!!!

Elder Butterfield

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