Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 72: A Few Miracles, a Transfer, and a New Assignment

Hey All!

Well, this last week was super busy and super eventful! I will try to share the highlights, but there's a lot I want to share in little time! Here we go.

What a wild week it has been here in Riverside Park South. My companion and I have never been so busy! Street contacting has been such a blessing here in this area; from it we got our investigator Pedro Flores to church.  He is preparing for baptism on the 16th of January.

We actually contacted Pedro on the street on New Year's Eve if you can believe it and went back to teach him New Year's Day with a member. He's got his own struggles but he's willing to come to church and to learn more, so with the love of the members here in the branch he will be fine:)

As well, we were walking around in a neighborhood we've been to a lot this last week, and all of the sudden this guy with the coolest dread locks I've ever seen comes over and asks if he can talk with us. We said that of course he could and took a walk around the block answering questions and telling him about who we are and stuff. Well, somehow we ended up in his backyard and started to teach him. After teaching him some more, he was super excited to pray and ask God if Joseph Smith was his prophet and study it out for himself. Just crazy that he was the one who came up to talk to us! Unfortunately for us, even though he's half Cuban and half Puerto Rican, he doesn't read Spanish so we'll have to pass him to the AP's. Oh well, we're all on the same team!

So we had all of that going on, New Year's came and went without much partying. I made a pretty cool Star Wars cover for my missionary planner though:) And then, as I mentioned, Pedro Flores ended up coming to church. Giovani was coming, but then his friend got stabbed and showed up at his house Sunday morning, so he had to go help him with that. Believe it or not, it definitely happened! We saw his friend later. Florida can be a crazy place...!

Then, on Monday Elder Mears and I saw some crazy miracles! First off, Monday morning we had an awkward 20 minutes before a meal appointment with nothing to do. This isn't really enough time to get anywhere on our bikes, but being faithful we decided to go ride our bikes around for 20 minutes and contact people. Well, right as it was time to head home, I took a weird path to head towards the house and we saw two Latin men in front of a house. Bingo, we went straight over to talk to them. One of them was named Roberto, and he had met with the sister missionaries before but was drinking at the time. Well, he's stopped drinking now and has literally been waiting for the missionaries to come by again so that he could come back to church. How crazy is that? All for deciding to go out and bike around for 20 minutes. Miracles are wrought by faith filled works!

In addition to that, my companion and I had scheduled to knock doors in a trailer park where there are lots of Spanish speaking people. So we biked over there, locked up our bikes, prayed, and then we headed off to the street where we had left off last time. Well, the first trailer we go to contact there is a man just on his way out, and so we say hi and begin to talk to him. Eduardo was suprised to see us speak Spanish and immediately got very excited. Turns out he had met the Elders in Honduras and was actually regularly attending church there before he came to the United States. He had even told the missionaries that he wanted to be baptized but wasn't able to since investigators have to go for 2 months before being baptized there, and he was leaving to the U.S. soon. Well, this was back in October of 2015 or so. When we contacted him, he was actually on his way to our chapel looking to reestablish contact with the church. So incredible! I would venture to say one of the biggest miracles of my mission!

So now that I've shared all of these cool miracle stories from the week. Time for the transfer news. So they changed transfers a ton here in the mission at the request of the General Authorities. So now instead going to a meeting to find out, we get a phone call Monday where we find out everything! That being said, I actually received a personal phone call from President Richardson before the transfer calls. Elder Mears and I were scared, thinking that we were in trouble for something. Instead, President Richardson had called to inform and congratulate me that I will be serving as a zone leader in the Hollywood South Area with Elder Van Cott. So that's pretty cool! Definitely sad to be going back to an English area, but I'll get over it haha! It should be fun to do something new and different. So unfortunately I won't be able to see all of these wonderful people we found baptized, but Elder Mears will take care of them with his greenie that he's training!

So that's pretty much it for this week--excited but nervous for all of the changes!

Love you all,
Elder Butterfield

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