Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 73: Welcome to Hollywood!

Hey Everyone!

Let me just say that this last week was pretty crazy! Got to my new area with Elder Van Cott here in Hollywood. Even though it's English, it's a pretty awesome area and a pretty good ward. Rumor has it it's going to split soon. Anyways, honestly I love the new area. I definitely miss Spanish but this is a good enough English area. I'll take it:)

Basically Wednesday was a lot of running around.  We knocked some doors and visited some people that the Elders before were teaching. We ended up dropping a lot of the people that they had been teaching though; they were just converted to the missionaries and stopped keeping commitments when I came into the area :( The good news is we're teaching Tina, a lady from Gana, who came to church on Sunday and is praying about being baptized on the 30th of January!

Thursday we had to go to District Training in the zone. We have two districts here in the Fort Laud zone (also known as the Praise the Laud zone, sound it out if you don't get it :)so we had a training in Hollywood and one in Plantation. It's pretty weird going to District trainings as a zone leader because you don't do as much. Just make important announcements and then participate and do the role play. It's good enough though. After that we had a bit of a rough day knocking, nothing too exciting.

Friday we had MLC (Mission Leader Council, which is too fancy of a name in my opinion!). This normally would be about the zone training to give to our zones, but this time it was just to train the zone leaders and the Sister Training Leaders. After the meeting we found out the Book of Mormon Musical is coming to Fort Lauderdale, so President wants missionaries in our zone to go hang out in the surrounding area to pass out Book of Mormons and cards and stuff. That's not til the end of the month--should be fun though! After the meeting, we did exchanges and I went to the area of Plantation (the area just west of Riverside Park) with our new district leader. Just to help train him on what to do as a district leader and make sure things are going okay. While I was out of Hollywood, Elder Van Cott found a Haitian lady for the Haitian creole speaking Elders. She ended up coming to church which is awesome.

Then Saturday we finally had time to do weekly planning since we had been so busy. We organized ourselves a bit and went out to knock lots of doors. We didn't find anyone for our area, but since we're both Spanish missionaries we did find an awesome referral for the Spanish Elders here who came to church yesterday as well. So we didn't get people to church for us, but we did get 3 people to church for other missionaries in our zone which is good  :)

Sundays are weird here since church doesn't start til 12:30. So with studies, meetings, and knocking on people's doors to remind them about church, it's practically another P Day ;) It was good though; our ward mission leader is a boss and goes out with the missionaries every single Wednesday evening! So basically it's a good place. We're expecting lots of miracles and now we just need to get to work!!

Well love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Butterfield

PS: Here's my new address
1021 S Park Rd Apt 112
Hollywood, FL 33021

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