Friday, January 22, 2016

Week 74: Exchanges with the AP's

Hey Everyone!

Just another crazy week here in Florida...Here's the rundown.

So last Tuesday the AP's did an exchange with us since the zone has been struggling, and they wanted to give me a training on zone leader stuff. So that was pretty good; I left the area to go back to my old area Riverside Park (Remember I shared the area with the AP's. We just did the Spanish work :). So that was cool.  We saw some miracles on the exchange and taught a little bit which was good. Elder Van Cott and the other AP had a way better exchange than I did though. They found a bunch of awesome potential investigators that we went back to teach Wednesday.

This made Wednesday a super awesome day. We taught 5 lessons about the restoration and ended the day with 11 new investigators. Easily the most in a day on my mission! All of them committed themselves to be baptized! We even had a super awesome family of 4! So we were teaching all of these people Thursday and Friday, and just about all of them were super solid. Then we just lost contact with all of them, or they were home and stopped opening the door...which pretty much means that they were "anti-ed", which is super frustrating, but there is not a whole lot that we can do about it. It sucks :/ That pretty much sums up the week though. I mean I could tell you everything that happened but the problem is the people we were teaching already dropped us. Missionary Life...!

Anyways that being said, my new area is super fun, just really different than what I'm used to. It's pretty much all African American as well as people from the Caribbean Islands that speak English. Way different than working with Latinos and all the white people in Jupiter haha. I'm slowly adjusting though, just worried I will lose my Spanish. I guess I've just been sent here to humble myself a bit and realize the Lord is in charge of everything :)

That's pretty much it for this week though. I  just have my fingers crossed we will have a better finding week that ends with investigators progressing towards baptism!

Love you all and hope you are having a great January!
Elder Butterfield

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